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AGOA, Ghana’s Wasted Effort

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 18, 2007

The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act signed into law in the United States on May 18, 2000 has evolved into a side door route for the US to access oil and gas supplies from Sub-Saharan Africa. Origionally created to improve US trade with selected African countries, the AGOA Act has gradually moved from its broad imports base to a concentrated import program of petroleum products and oil and gas related equipment from Nigeria (47.2%), Angola (19.8%) South Africa (12.7%) Republic of Congo (5.2%) and Chad (3.2%). Ghana’s exports to the US under AGOA in 2006 made up 2.4% of all total exports under the Act. South Africa, Nigeria and Angola maintained a lead in trade exports to the US, accounting for 68% of exports. Sub-Sahara Africa’s exports of oil and gas related supplies in 2006, now nearly equals US imports from the Middle East.


8 Responses to “AGOA, Ghana’s Wasted Effort”

  1. AGOA, “Mango-less” Run Around for Ghana
    Read the full article in The New Also appears in my newspaper, The New Ghanaian.

  2. you Expect anyone to waste their fingertips to type comments and reactions to this silly piece. No way!!; They say to tell you that they don’t care two s**t.

  3. you need to be clever to know what the article is about.
    In short, it is about misplaced priorities, mismanagement, and putting all Ghana’s eggs in one basket by the government (Will sound silly to you because you are dumb).
    No wonder you will be seen to have an influence on the NPP government, eventually.

  4. ayeekoo, mmo, mmo well said signi (some could not pronounce your name properly in primary school in kumasi) please forgive me.seriously,right thinking,well meaning ghanaians should take note,an eye opener and brilliant piece by a worthy ghanaian.

  5. I’m surprised that such a useful article will have your insults. This writer is opening our eyes to see some of the misplaced priorities of African policy planners. Its so sad that there’s no proper management of our food products. About 2 weeks ago I saw cartons of yams from Ghana in The Hague, rotten and others broken. The only question that came to my mind was that, do we have business minded people in Ghana? We can easily replace that paper cartons with soft wood and that alone will emensely reduce the losses. Go to Ghana tade fairs, its only wooding carvings and traditional objects all over. We can grow mangoes, cashew, avocado, banana, oranges etc for export. What are we doing as a nation, my people?

  6. Kantanka said

    It should not be only the Government. Ghanaians should initiate ventures like this on their own, the goverment should only makes things easy for citizens to operate. The government cannot set up fruits, timber, vegetables etc. export companies, it the citizens that have to do it ourselves. We should learn to form partnerships like the Asians do and stop cheating each other.

  7. Kwesi said

    Dear Ghanaweb commentators (mostly Ghanaians in the diaspora), please let us eschew the insults.It is unhealthy. Rather let us use the Ghanaweb opening to trade in ideas and discuss issues which should impact positively on the lives of the citizenry of mother Ghana. Sydney’s article needs no condemnation or trivialization. It is a well focussed,analytical piece that should engage our serious attention. It is the type that goes to inform public policy. We should comment on it critically from that perspective. All jokers aside.

  8. Ghanabiya said

    May God bless you for your comment. More grease to your elbows and that of Sydney.

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