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President Kufuor is not “Political Wabi”

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 3, 2008

The Japanese word “wabi” describes near perfect beauty or character made even more significant because of its direct flaw, which by its position or revelation makes the image or character even more enhanced. In our modern generation, take Bob Marley, whose musical genius was made more brilliant because of his known addiction. Elvis Presley – drugs, Marilyn Munroe – depression, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep for beauty set in enhanced features. In Africa, a rare political breed, one whose policies have turned a tirade of criticism into an example of leadership, which hopefully could start an “afri-politico” trend yet to be replicated on the continent, Nyerere of Tanzania. He retired at home pursuing an interest in writing and teaching.

Flawed by his myopic view of what constitutes corruption, Kufuor’s failed zero-tolerance policy could catapult him to wabi stature as he flays in his lame duck presidential term to stay the course, unable to kick-start a renaissance in Africa’s political leadership.

Sydney Casely-Hayford, Publisher of The New Ghanaian


31 Responses to “President Kufuor is not “Political Wabi””

  1. President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    Mr Kufour might be a good childrens father at home but not as a nations president even though I like him very well, but the country is getting out of hand so whatever good things you may do will end up to null once there is no dicipline in the system so what ever good thing you may do will end up null . Mr Kuffour think about RAPE, ARMED ROBERRY, in the country then i can say you are not strong enough to protect your citizen because your citizens leave with fears day and night the citizen need a strong person to protect them.

  2. President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    My advice to krunfuorbiba kuffuor is that,he should better step aside for ATTA MILLS to serve and probably start building up the foundation of good government to cover up his potholes.

  3. President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    Hayford, wabi or dame…the material question is, who knows the following:
    1. What’s Ghana GDK – Gross Domestic Knowledge?
    2. What’s Ghana’s GNK – Gross National Knowledge ?
    3. What’s Ghana’s PCK – Per Capita Knowledge base?
    4. What’s Ghana’s GDP – Gross Domestic Product?
    5. What’s Ghana’s PCI – Per Capita Income?
    6. What’s Ghana’s GNP – Gross National Product?
    7. How does the country position herself to take advantage of the 250 Million population market in ECOWAS or carve a niche in abeyant 950 million population market on the Afree-Ka continent, come Dec 7?
    8. Is it going to be through structural transformation of the economy via scientific industrial commercial farming and expansion of manufacturing and our industrial base?
    9. Is our positioning going to be through human capital investment and the economy such as ….one laptop per child, promotion of e-governance & gov’t, tele medicine and rural connectivity?
    10. Finally, how do we create a paradigm shift by looking internally for solutions to our dev’t instead of outwardly?
    As an example, retooling our publick campaigns, social services and of course, our Police Force to abate the spate of crime on our streets with 21st century police funding; instead of our massive funding of the military?

  4. Tema Guy said

    President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    You are the most uncouth person to claim Ghanaian citizenry,your postings are complete deviation of facts.The constant insults pelted at the President is a testimony of your upbringing,could you or would you use the same vocabulary at anyone regardless of affiliation?
    You are a looser, posterity will exonerate Mr.Kuffour.
    The gentle giant inherited an economy so terrible that,he was forced to go HIPC, transformed it to where we are today.
    Nkrumah inherited an economy with surplus and positive future.What happened.
    The country was bankrupt before he was overthrown,so be the judge and stop you gibberish.
    I doubt if your name truly depicts your tribe, for no educated Akan will post such garbage.
    Tell us where you are from, jonas.

  5. Furb said

    President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    I voted for him, that is Kufour, twice. I admired some of his earlier positions and and stances, especially in overlooking what was skindeep or cosmetic and just doing what was sensible, including biting-the-bullet policies, disregarding ethnic sentiments in choosing people he considered right for government positions, letting the law take its course, not fearing to relieve his “padies” off their posts if found lacking, not subsidising unnecessarily, etc.
    Somehow, the past few years have shown a side of Kufour that is childish, patronising and cosmetic.
    First, the manner of his sacking of ministers left bad tastes in our mouths, especially its display of raw power. The manner of his recall of Dr. Anane, ‘takishi’ justification of spending $20 mill on celebrations, the proposal to buy presidential jet in difficult and politically sensitive year, his dabblings in NPP congress, and the two worst judgements recently – an award for Atta Mills and shortening of Abodapki’s punishment.
    Now, the last two demonstrate Kufour’s cowardise and selfishness. He wants to do something to be seen as a stateman and a ‘father figure’, even if it amounts to bending principles or diminishing the chances of his party, NPP. He wants to be seen as above party-politics – may be Alan Kyeremanteng took a cue from this when he wrote his resignation letter, aspiring to above-party politics.
    Please, please, don’t get me wrong. I am not anti-NDC or anti-Mills. But even if you are an NDC sympathiser or Mills’ fan, you won’t fail to see how stupid and flawed Kufour’s recent judgements have been. We would need a whole book to discuss how much Kufour has disappointed his core fans and Ghanaians in general.

  6. President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    The court, peopled with people who know thier law, who know justice, who have administered justice for years, decided a just punishment for a minister, and guess who made nonsense of this? Not a dictator like Mugabe, but a democratically elected fool called Kufour Agyekum.
    He has certified the view of his political opponents that the conviction of those ministers was interfered with by the castle, else why the political interference now in the serving of the terms of the justice? If you didn’t interfere in the prosecution, you don’t interfere in the punishment. What a fool kufour has become?
    Already, he has made NPP unpopular by some of his seemingly harsh policies, though good in the long-run for Ghana, but his decisions lately which clearly go against Nana Akuffo Addo’s chances are very difficult to swallow. What was going through that thick head when planning to dish an award to Atta Mills and free Abodapki in an election year? What in the name of Christ did he think Ghanaians would do? Call him Saint Kufour?
    You see, in Ghana, we do what is beautiful on the surface, yet destructive on the inside, in the longrun that is, when it really matters. What are the advantages to Ghana for freeing a convicted criminal, whose nefarious dealings have cost the nation so much money? This is only to serve Kufour’s personal interest and haughty selfish-aggrandisement.
    What beauty and real reinforcement of our seriousness will it be, when, assuming, Atta Mills come to power and rejects calls to free his buddy Abodapki simply because “the court of law made the decision to punish him, whether I Atta Mills agree or not doesn’t matter”? Abodapki may be truly innocent; the determination of it must come through the law court. It is sad when an executive fiat can just make nonsense of the time expended in prosecuting these criminals.
    Rest in perfect peace justice Afreh; well-thinking Ghanaians of the next beautiful generation are just around the corner to manage this country in true seriousness. The current bunch of leaders is just a collection of a lot of old fools.

  7. true- talk said

    President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    what can one deduce from kufuors presidential pardon other than sending a signal to the NDC that they should reciprocate same gesture when they come to power. kufuor knows that himself and his ministers cannot be clean from corruption, hence the need to wave the white flag over zero tolerance, Kufuor has realised the mistake of witchhunting the opposition with the axe of “causing financial loss to the state”. He cannot get that reciprocal treatment from Jato Junior and his commandos if NDC wins power.K4 may be lucky if even he gets to sleep in prison for one week. Jato has not fired anything for a long time so he cannot wait.Whatever appeasement you make to Atta mills, he is just a remote control gadget in the hands of Ogga Jato. No two ways.

  8. oba yaa said

    President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”

  9. President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    u are not too wrong but i think our country should come first.JAK is looking beyond party which shd be commended

  10. President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    Mr Casely-Hayford
    Please get back with some further research regarding…..
    “…only to go and reside under a dictatorship, where he had absolutely no control and among other things mutely hang in, even in the face of the murder of innocent protestors on May 11 a decade ago?….”
    I am a Jerry-die-hard, yet I participated in the Kumepreko Demo in 1995.
    Every ‘JSS’ graduate knows that Prof JEA Mills became Vice President in January 1997.
    So how could your above-quoted claim refer to Prof Mills’ Vice-Presidency in 1995?
    Too many of you think you know something, but it’s all adulterated.
    Your comments, please.

  11. I do said

    President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    I, I do, the CEO,CEE and life patron of “Agoo”(the bush radio station), having read through all the 18 contibutions made so far, is of the openion that a lot of you don’t get it. My openion on this matter is from two points of view. The political and traditional points of view. Politically, the idea of awarding prf Mills and the release of Abodakpi from prison is of two reasons. K4 is trying to extend a hand of peace and reconciliation between the two major political parties and at the same time registering his displeasure about the election of Akuffo Addo as the flag bearer of the NPP. Traditionally, ashantis will not allow anyone from any tribe which has sworn the oath of allegiance to the asntehene to rise above him. I know some asantes are going to try to refute this point and try to tag it as tribalistic but the fact still remains that it’s the truth. Why do you think the asantes voted for Rawlings in the 1992 elections?. Because they prefer somebody from a tribe that has nothing to do with the oath of allegians. You can also see this fact from the role the asantehene is playing since K4 came into power. Every VIP that comes into the country has to visit the asantehene and not the Ga mantse as it should be since he is nearer the sit of gov’t than the asantehene. That is what accounts for their rejection of Nkrumah, JB Danquah, Adu Boahen,Atta Mills,etc. As for Akuffo Addo, just wait till the elections you will understand what ‘am talking about. The asantes have no choice this time around because they are faced with the problem of choosing between two akans who owe the asantehene an allegians.K4 in this case prefers Atta Mills to Akuffo Addo and hence the award.The votes from asante is going to be split amongst the two. Stay tuned for more from ‘Agooo” (the bush radio station).

  12. DSDT said

    President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    As much as i respect our President and will continue to do that, i think he’s loosing it i.e. wrong judgment. Why should Abodakpi be set free after us (state) using hard earn money to improve his socio-economic status only for him to steal what belong to the ordinary people of Ghana? What about the poor man who is still in prisons for months or years because he has stolen one guinea fowl and a two tubers of yam to feed his hungry and malnourished wife and children? The inequalities must stop now! Are the politians (NDC, NPP, CPP etc) better or more Ghanaian than the rest of us?

  13. President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    Much as Sydney Casely-Hayford is entitled to his opinions, it appears (from his article as to whether the Presidency has made the right decision in nominating Prof Mills for a national award) that his delusions have got the better of him.
    I believe that national awards are given to those, who have contributed to the growth and development of the country, therefore if in the writer’s own subjective opinion Prof Mills was “dong such a splendid job at the IRS”, then surely that alone in addition to his serving Ghana as vice president must merit this proposed National Award – Companion of the Star of Ghana.
    In fulfilling his office as the Head of State the Ghanaian constitution empowers the President to make many decisions and if someone decides that a perceived classification system used by the President is inappropriate, that person should clearly state what those perceived classification schemes are and wait until the full list of this year’s National Awards is published and then apply the same to the persons that are honoured with various national awards.
    In my opinion, since he is not privy to any of the reasons why our Head of State makes his decisions (executive or political), it is a travesty of justice for Sydney Casely-Hayford to even attempt to use such to judge H E President John Agyekum Kufuor’s character.
    Finally, I believe that it has never been H E President Kufuor’s aspiration to be a so-called “political-wabi”!

  14. President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    Mr Kufour might be a good childrens father at home but not as a nations president even thuogh i like him very well, but the country is geting out of hands
    so what ever goodthings you may do will end up to null once there
    is no dicipline in the system
    so what ever goodthing you may do
    will end up null . Mr Kuffour think about RAPE,ARMROBERRY,in the country then i can say you are not strong enough to protect your citizen because your citizens
    leave with fears day and night the citizen need a strong person to protec them thanks

  15. Amoonua AA said

    President Kufuor is not “political-wabi”
    I think your article is biased full of speculation & no substance. Please learn to write articles that promote peace and not incite hatred for a man who both Internationally and locally is highly respected for his achievements albeit sometimes not always perfect.

  16. Yaw said

    The Reverend cast a spell on me, Esther Smith marital saga deepens
    Gosh! We know about all of this. Don’t waste our time with these news. That is why some of us do not even listen to the gospel music-craze that has engulfed our music environment. They should solve their problem outside the view of the world, after all when they were doing the essentials we were not informed.

  17. K. Mens said

    Literacy rate in Volta Region appalling, Prof. Gadzekpo
    I dont know the maths involved in this assertion. All i know is that, we the Anlos have attained a lot in all fields but refuse to help develop Anlo land. Look at other districts and you would realise that people invest in their roots, develop and establish projects to make life bearable. We anlos should learn to stop blaming everyone else and take initiative.

  18. Mavis said

    Kwame Owusu – Ansah Is Dead
    May his soul rest in perfect peace

  19. Pastor Mad At Kwaku Bonsam
    Am in Europe now ,but may i Say that ,Jehovah will fight his own battle at the right time. And no man will fight his battle for him. Soon kweku bonsam will be no news in Ghana.God is above what is happening . Greetings

  20. Twins Killed For Hummer Car
    Very sad! What a barbaric action!!

  21. Twins Killed For Hummer Car
    This is a serious tragedy. What is happening in Ghana that things are getting this bad? Is this Western influence or just plain madness?

  22. Ike said

    Twins Killed For Hummer Car
    Hmmmm, what a world we find ourself. Killing your beothers because of money. Please i susggest you dig a hole, put him in with only his head out and covered with sand.Fill his head with a high concentration of sugar solvent and let wild ants feed on his head till he dies of torture and pain. Bad bad who is unfit to be in society.

  23. Oprah loses her crown
    By throwing her support behind a male candidate instead of a female doesn’t make her less feminime but very human. Every person has the right to his/her own opinion and choice. I don’t think her critics are being honest to themselves. To me they sound very discrminatory.

  24. sallyK said

    Exclusive: Mills award on! No turning back
    Kudos too Prez KU4 to maintain his position. As a president he has the right to give the awards to the “deserving compatriots” who have done good service to the country irrespective of their political affiliation. The Prez should dump the “brouhaha” in the garbage

  25. sallyK said

    National Awards shifted to Jan 2009
    Only NPP sees this award as an “electorial point – scoring.” If Prof Atta Mills’ name was not on the list would NPP have raised hell? It is time NPP stopped looking at things from their myopic eyes.

  26. sallyK said

    Banker donates two vehicles to NDC
    I also believe that Prof Atta Mills has the “it” factor to be the most effective President come 2009. He will turn Ghana around. “A bettter man for a Better Ghana” and Atta Mills is the man. Kudos to Mr. G Ricketts-Hagan. others will follow soon with the good gustures. Gha will enjoy better days

  27. Obaa Bemma said

    Twins Killed For Hummer Car
    My deepest condolences go to Madam Victoria for losing her two twins to such a heinous crime. May the Almighty Father keep the souls of Benjamin and Joseph in His peaceful, Heavenly abode, for now and ever more.

  28. sallyK said

    Twins Killed For Hummer Car
    This juju business must be condemned by the government, church leaders, school officials and thru mass education. Very strange that ghanaians still believe in juju and the like and yet at the same time claim to be ardvent church goers. The media too must continue to discuss this in the various languages. Chiefs, women groups and civil organizations to take arms on this. It is a shame that human sacrifices still exist in the culture. Lastly, all those juju men and priests who in dulge in such acts should be jailed without parole. Nafti to review the Ghana and Nigerian films, videos and scratch the juju part.

  29. Nana Ama Mcbrown officially on the Z- list
    what a human interest story: but the writer should remember that marriage is no slavery, neither it should be traded for money: if this lady is no more interested in that marriage, your guess is better than mine. a man built a three-floor house for his wife, bought her a mercedes benz: “what happened”, white house fantasie?: this lady preferred later to be a pillon rider: riding at the back of a motor bike. Let nana ama keep moving on.Liberty: and freedom to breath/to choose: whe-tin?
    akuraase champion.

  30. Nii Lantey said

    Twins Killed For Hummer Car
    This is strange. Is the Hummer Car at the background owned by the prime suspect after the abduction and alleged murder or not? Something has to be done by our “Attitudinal Change” for the betterment of all Ghanaians. Our forefathers did what they could to give us what we see today. What legacy, therefore, are we leaving for the next generation? Something has to be done with our Education Reform i.e from Creche through the Tertiary Institutions. Thanx.

  31. Amoonua AA said

    When the Chief Executive Undermines the Judiciary
    Who wrote this article? the writers are not stated.

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