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Campaign 2008

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 9, 2008

This will be the likely outcome of the 2008 General Elections in GHANA if it is free and fair according to my research. While many dread such an outcome. I am all for it. Why? Because I think that will be the best thing ever happened to our democracy. It will strengthen Parliament to play its critical role in Nation building. The current Parliament is too weak to play any effective role in national development. It has abandoned its role as a check on Executive power. It is not performing its role of being the controller of the purse rather it exist to just rubber stamp Executive acts without any critical examination and debate. It fails to check abuses, it does not invite Ministers to Parliament for hearings, and has no power to act when people like Wereko Brobbey treat the house with contempt. A parliament controlled by the opposition is our surest bet in reducing governmental corruption.       

My conviction of the outcome of the 2008 general elections is based on the fact that the advantage enjoyed by the NPP in the last presidential elections has been eroded by failure of government to honour its promises, rise in poverty, the energy crisis, armed robbers terrorising people, large army of unemployed youth who the NPP led government has failed to create jobs for.

Ben Ofosu -Appiah, Political Analyst

12 Responses to “Campaign 2008”

  1. Atta Mills’ Health issues
    Maybe, Maybe not. Atta Mills’ confused message to Ghanaians and his refusal to openly disclose the state of his health will go a long way to put the NPP back in power. Nana Akufo Addo is making good in-roads, already looking the presidential part. It remains to see what the impact of Kufuor’s last few months will do to aid or torpedo the NPP message.

  2. Abufusem said

    Nduom’s Presidency
    As far as ghanaians are concerned this case is over. It was over when he provided the SFO with all the documentation needed to complete their investigation before the 2001 appointment. How many times does he have to prove himself innocent. The rulling party finds him quite a threat thus this pathetic antic to cause distractions. We won’t bite. Now that we have someone who has shown the type of leadership that this beloved country needs we won’t let the opportunity pass us by. Ndoum has what we need irrespective of party politics and WE WILL VOTE FOR HIM.

  3. Atta Mills’ Health issues
    The good Prof has said it all. There is a Dagbanli proverb which states that it is not the sick who die. People have died suddenly without any symptons of sickness. If the intention of the Questioner was to embarrass the Prof. then he has failed. Let us therefore focus on the achievements of the various presidentail candidates. Thanks

  4. Awaki said

    On Presidential Awards
    The president have done alot of ghanaians a dis-service by introducing a new and highest award and to make things worst, putting a caveat on it. I dont know the percentage of ghanaian in their life time will become presidents.
    Bravoo jj for rejecting the award. It lacks honour and smell fraud/cocaine.
    Aslong as I live, the highest award in ghana is the order of star companion. any other award is nothing but lack of judgement on the part of the creator.
    What will that devaluation mean to people who have been honoured with this award previously?.

  5. Equicham said

    On NDC Agenda,by Okoampa Ahoofe

  6. On President Kufuor’s Awards “hand outs”
    Kwame has hammered at the right spot and we’re looking forward for such courageous men/women in the body politics of our dear nation/continent who will rise up from within with such positive critisms.

  7. On Kwesi Nduom’s SFO enquiry
    mr jantuah has surprised many of us ghanaians. we love kwesi ndoum and we dont care if he owes the irs a little money. that man has given employment to over 500 ghanaians and non-ghanaians alike. please leave him alone

  8. I think we shall be doing our country a great disservice if we single out Mr. J.J. Rawlings as a ‘betrayer’ of his own rules.

    Similarly, I do not agree with the imprisonment of Mr. Tsikata on the basis of corruption even though “there may be” clear proof of wrongful doing.

    My comments are in no way intended to defend or attack these gentlemen in question. However, I firmly believe that vindication can never be the best form of justice and of resolving problems in our society, otherwise we may have to ‘get rid’ of many people – we have far too many corrupt men and women in Ghana – singling out “scape goats” is not the answer. The killing of the Honourable Judges, Afrifa, Kotoka, Achampong, Akuffo, Yaw Boakye, Felli, etc., etc., is still haunting the Nation – the result of vindication.

    Corruption has eaten so deap into our society now that “cheating thieves” are considered to be “smart” people not criminals.

    Some Leaders before and after Rawlings as well as Corporate Bosses, even until today, who received and continue to receive millions of dollars on our behalf have not been made to account for these monnies. Millions have been received in the name of Ghana in loans, grants and write-offs, and yet citizens of Ghana have no means of finding out where all these monnies have gone to.

    There does not seem to be any mechanism in place for citizens to demand and ‘VERIFY’ accountability.

    We have been living with Constitutional flaws since proclaiming us as a Republic.

    Our Constitution was suspended when Afrifa and his Gang took over power from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah – In my opinion, a treasonable offence but nothing happened to them until they handed over to Dr. Busia.

    Achampong/Akuffo and their Gang did the same when they removed Dr. Busia. Our Constitution was again trampled over.

    AFRC under Rawlings, Boakye Gyan and their soldiers removed their fellow soldiers from power on June 4/79, did the right thing by restoring the Constitution and handing over power to a democratically elected Dr. Hilla. Limann.


    Sadly, the unlawful removal of Dr. Limann from office by the PNDC constituted a total affront to the Nation of Ghana.

    Drawing up a completely new constitution to pave the way for Rawlings to become a President, does not legitimize his presidency, because in my opinion the PNDC had no constitutional legitimacy to preside over the writing of a new constitution.

    THE CONSTITUTION WITH WHICH MR. AGYEKUM KUFFOUR IS OPERATING IS THEREFORE A CORRUPTED BUNCH OF PAPERS depicting not even the tiniest aota of accountability to the Ghanaian people. Too bad those of us who contributed to the writing of the constitution did not think neither far nor deep enough. If we all did, we would not still be running around begging for rice, wheat, yellow corn and money from the so-called developed nations.

    Let us get our acts together and put workable mechanisms in place to prevent fraud and corruption before they happen instead of looking for ‘scape goats’ after the harm has been done.

    Thanks for allowing me the space.

    Mike Mensah-Bonsu (former National Chairman of PNC and staunch Nkrumahist)

    ACCOUNTABILITY therefore has always been a problem in Ghanaian society and not until it is seriously and effectively addressed, CORRUPTION will continue to eat off the fabric of our Ghanaian existence.

  9. Brian said

    That is not Ghana’s money so what is the problem here? happily, the news item did not say that Mr. Rawlings gave contract to the company in exchange for the scholarship!

  10. Mark said

    On an Article submitted by Dr. Okoampa Ahoofe
    please look at the title of the story and the contents it shows how confused the writer is. Please spare us our time from such writers who want to trow dust in our eyes.

  11. B Puplampu said

    On Kwesi Pratt Nails Rawlings
    It is not only the media but ALL Ghanaians should be vigilant against injustices of all kinds in the social milieu, and speak against them,the press should be at the vanguard.

  12. It did not happen exactly that way, as Akufo-Addo lost the presiency to Prof. Mills, but the comments are many and interesting

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