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Andanis and Abudus, North v North

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 8, 2008

The Abudus and Andani’s are meeting the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu for the third time. The meeting will deliberate on the way forward towards resolving the impasse between the two rival chieftaincy clans in the Northern region. Two previous meetings ended up in a stalemate over the burial of the late Dagbon overlord, Yaa Na Mahamadu Abdullahi. The Abudu’s want to perform the funeral rites of their late King, Yaa Na Mahamadu Abdullahi in the Gbewaa Palace. But the Andani’s suspect the Abudus will proceed to enskin an Abudu Overlord once given access to the Gbewaa palace. They have therefore vowed to resist with force, any attempts by the Committee of Eminent Chiefs to have the Abudus enter the Gbewaa palace to perform the funeral. Today’s meeting is expected to bring an end to the protracted conflict between the two factions.


4 Responses to “Andanis and Abudus, North v North”

  1. The so called late King of the Abudus was not a King at the time of his death. His purported enskinment was declared null and void by the Supreme Court in Dec. 1986. Any attempt to perform his funeral is repugnant to Dagbon customs and traditions.

  2. KOJO AFRIFA said

    If the Andanis suspect foul play on the part of the Abudus, I do not think it’s a big deal. The state should defile all traditions and customs and take over the burial of the late chief as the protracted impasse is causing a lot of discomfort to the ordinary people of the area.
    I cannot see why these people should not think of moving forward in life and still clinge on to something that is not productive. Enough is enough.

  3. I think you are hampering the peace process in Bawku area. It is not all Mamprusis who are attacking Kusasis. I am a Mamprusi and there are so many Mamprusis out there who are against the violence in Bawku area. So to do such a stereotypying is very bad and will not help any thing. Most people think that there are no real Mamprusis in that area right now. Mamprusis are naturally witty, smart, calm and introverts. Please, lets make peace together

  4. north said

    can you please change the name .. its not ya na mahamadu abdulai,, late mahamadu abdulai was the king of mamprugu not dagbon…

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