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Posted by Business in Ghana on July 10, 2008

A board of enquiry is being set up by the management of the 37 Military Hospital to investigate allegations of detention and torture of some commercial drivers and their mates by military guards at the hospital as punishment for traffic offences in front of the hospital.  “The board will determine the charges to be levelled against the culprits,” a source close to the hospital’s management told the Ghanaian Times yesterday.  This paper reported yesterday that for the past three weeks, recalcitrant drivers arrested by military guards for parking wrongly in front of the hospital or dropping off or picking passengers there, were allegedly detained in the hospital’s mortuary as punishment. The punishment also included cleaning and arranging corpses and mopping the mortuary floor.   

By Edmund Mingle, The Ghanaian Times


  1. Punishment in the morque was too much to the extreme but taxi drivers in Ghana require a major change of attitude. They are too used to paying small”fines”to MTU Police

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