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Kufuor’s convoy in accident

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 10, 2008


Reports reaching Citi News say the convoy of President Kufuor has been involved in yet another accident this morning Tuesday September 9, 2008 in the Ashanti region.  Eyewitnesses say the vehicles were negotiating a curve at top speed when the driver of one of the vehicles lost control and crashed into the woods.

16 Responses to “Kufuor’s convoy in accident”

  1. Please the Dispatch Riders are to be very careful with each other and road users during such invents in order to prevent its future occurrence. We need all of you out there to vote massively for Nana & Dr. I wish all the victims speedy recovery. Thanx

  2. I wonder why they cannot limit their speed whenever they are in a convey. To me, we have to investigate some of these accidents and if it is found out that the driver of the accident vehicle was negligent, he needs to be prosecuted according to the laws of the land. this is because nobody is above the law. the fact that they driving the president does not mean they can flout the laws at any how. infact they cannot be damaging the state vehicles in the name of driving the president. Thank you.

  3. A rather very unfortunate incident. We wish our President the very best and pray that such disasters never occur agin. Perhaps prudent and consistent defensive driving could eliminate such accidents.I hope the injured have a speedy recovery.Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

  4. May GOD guide this man till the end of his term.Upon all temptations of the evil ones he will be saved. He must choose a good driver with a sound mind and driving experience. How can a whole president’s car rally. Plse this is not done in any civilized country. Ghana must take lessons from other countries, especially when the PRESIDENT is travelling within the country or getting out to everywhere the way he’s escorted. This is not the first time.May GOd be with him everywhere he is going.

  5. Mame Oyem said

    Ghanaian drivers should be educated to drive carefully and wear seat belts. Drivers should drive with care and the insurance companies should do something about how people drive in Ghana. People are being killed by bad drivers. Drivers should use their intellect to drive, not stupidity. I hope the driver driving the president was wearing his/her seat belt. Men drivers should stop the machoness and use their head.

  6. Hmmmmm said

    that is God’s will

  7. If it is true that the President’s convoy was involved in another accident then we must all pray that this incident does not happen again.
    We love our President and wish to see him safe all the time.
    My only advise to the President is that God cannot continue doing His part when we neglect our responsibilities.
    The speed is just too much. Please reduce the speed and God will continue doing His part.
    Good luck.


  9. Kofstarr said

    i hate these stupid overspeeding by those our politicians. does it not get into their brains that overspeeding is killing our people?????

  10. ERIC MANU said

    The security agents need to work hard to protect Kufuor and also deal with any motorist who does not give way when the president is coming. thank you.

  11. Maa Esther said

    your are keeping us informed. job well done keep up a good work

  12. naa said

    OMG .HELP DA MAN.was really is happenin?

  13. Joe Broni said

    This reckless driving by the president and his convoy MUST stop.

  14. For an average African head of state, what a good governance means, is riding in a large crowd of entourage in latest model of nissan cars. Its time our leaders see the uselessness of such shows, sit down, and try hard to solve a little bit of the numerous problems facing the continent of Africa.

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