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Ghana Trade Fair sold?

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 12, 2008

Report reaching the offices of The Statesman has it that the Ghana International Trade Fair, the Only International Market Centre in the country has been sold to the government of Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates.  The deal is to enable the government of Dubai which has secured about 80% stake in GTFC rebuild, modernize and transform it into a state of the art International Trade fair city; first of a kind in West Africa.

5 Responses to “Ghana Trade Fair sold?”

  1. In my opinion, it will be much better for our economy. Because, it is a very big area with a very little activities. Dubai will take all the necessary initiatives to bring this to WORLD TRADE LEVEL OR BETTER THAN THAT OF NYC WOLD TRADE CENTER. I am very much delighted to hear them taken over the place. Congratulation to those who made that decision.

  2. Charles said

    No comment. That just the way it is!!

  3. Aku shika said

    I don’t think this will help us as Ghanaians because companies who were at the GITF site will lose some of their customers and also some people are going to lose their job which is going to increase corruption.

  4. What is happening in Ghana? Have people gone mad? Thanks for this article. We need more agressive foresight and planning at home. We keep “giving away the store”.

  5. Ama said

    I am not surprised to see the first comment made on 12/9/2008. Who in the right mind will do this. What I see is people in governmental positions just selling the assets of the nation. If we are to ask for the personnel involved to make an audit of the proceeds what are we likely to find? It is rather sad for the needy in our country now because the richer are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer. We must pray for godly leaders for our nation Ghana.

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