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Upsurge in water level in Akosombo Dam

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 12, 2008

Water level in the Akosombo dam has increased by 12.55 feet, which marks a remarkable upsurge as compared to the water level at the same time last year.  The currrent water level in the Akosombo dam, stands at 255.40 as compared to that of last year which stood at 242.85 feet.
The following is the level of water in the Akosombo Dam as issued by the Management of Volta River Authority on Monday, September 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Upsurge in water level in Akosombo Dam”

  1. we thank God the water level has improved this time. God bless Ghana and president Kuffour

  2. HAJI TOURE said

    Thank God the water level is up!!!

  3. the only thing that would ever matter is the global management of river system and the water table from the north to the Akosombo dam in the south. That is the only way critical systems are managed. It looks as if we love to be victims in everything (including the rain). Gob bless us.

  4. Boahen Yaw Kenneth said

    I think the management board together with the government should device a means through which toping up of the new power meters could be made in the form of buying a credit card with power codes to recharge our meters conveniently. eg. Buying onetouch credit card to top up your phone units. This idea could be made possible by providing power meters that could be network on a common or centralized database software. This will operate individual power meters based on their meter numbers or product code.In this way people can top up by just buying a credit card which can be sold by most people or even buying from the internet. I will also suggest if such ideas like my could be forwarded to the various electrical and electronic institutions such as the universities to give this idea as project works to its students. At least if not the same device, something similar can be develop out of it. This will go a long way to minimize the congention rate at the various premises. Long live VRA, Long live Ghana. Thank you.
    (Boahen Yaw Kenneth, First year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Contacts:0208392379 or 0246005152)

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