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Corruption and the fabric of our Existence

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 21, 2008

By Mike Mensah-Bonsu, former National Chairman of PNC and staunch Nkrumahist

I think we shall be doing our country a great disservice if we single out Mr. J.J. Rawlings as a ‘betrayer’ of his own rules.

Similarly, I do not agree with the imprisonment of Mr. Tsikata on the basis of corruption even though “there may be” clear proof of wrongful doing.

My comments are in no way intended to defend or attack these gentlemen in question. However, I firmly believe that vindication can never be the best form of justice and of resolving problems in our society, otherwise we may have to ‘get rid’ of many people – we have far too many corrupt men and women in Ghana – singling out “scape goats” is not the answer. The killing of the Honourable Judges, Afrifa, Kotoka, Achampong, Akuffo, Yaw Boakye, Felli, etc., etc., is still haunting the Nation – the result of vindication.

2 Responses to “Corruption and the fabric of our Existence”

  1. Akua said

    I very much disagree with this writer’s (paragraph three) statement. This nonsense has to stop. The only reason some of these self-centered people steal from the country is b’cos we always let the “sleeping dogs lie”. I strongly feel that, some of these corrupt people will never go away regardless; however if the next gov that takes over audits the crooks from the gov they took over from and deal drastically with them maybe, maybe, some of these corrupt people will think twice before dipping their hands. Mr. writer needs to look at the private sector employees that are being paid to serve demands bribes by verbal and non-verbal communication from you before you can get ie,a copy of your own birth cert., driver lic.,not talking about the lands department with their 50 yrs waitng period of processing land documents. so you see this B.S is all over. I think we all as a country need a week of fasting and praying for deliverance. The people as well as the ruling gov are equally accountable for what Ghana is and will be in the years to come.

  2. I totally agree with the writer. Yes. There is no reason people found to be corrupt or attained goods/ wealth illegally be allowed to enjoy that ill-gotten good or wealth. Punish or seize the items and set a good and correct example to all the masses. In this regard, Chief Directors, Managing Directors of companies and corporations should be held accountable. Or how about Ministers and their Deputies or chronies? How is it that one becomes a minister or MP WITHOUT any Assets, and over night, becomes a millionaire, etc. etc??
    God help or Bless Ghana.

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