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Ghanaian-Australian shot dead in Ghana

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 24, 2008

No one leaves their country of birth to seek greener pastures if their country is economically sound.  Our motherland Ghana has always been a developing third world country and is no where close to breaking that barrier due to corruption, crime, inflation and rising unemployment rate prevailing in our Country.

Ben was a loving, caring, personable, just, hardworking, approachable person and would not hurt a fly. His beautiful smile said it all. I haven’t seen a picture of him without a smile. Oh! What a peaceful and calm person.  It tears me to bits to dissolve the news of the murder of our beloved Ben Owusu Boakye and the fact that he was shot 7 times in the head alone.

68 Responses to “Ghanaian-Australian shot dead in Ghana”

  1. The Ghanaian Government also needs to take into consideration the fact that, remittance to the Ghanaian economy from overseas relatives, is approximately 8 billion dollars a year.

  2. It is a shame! That we have not heard about crime and violence on the campaign trail. If they need out votes, they have to include this in their agendas. Investment of just money? No, we need to get use our strong investment ability to also demand policy change. We need a strong diasporal representation in parliament, right under their noses to ensure that our voice are heard. To be shot so mercilessly in your own country after so many years of toiling and insecurity in a foreign country is unacceptable. All the candidates must be made aware of this, and be held to it. THE SOUL OF THIS BROTHER WILL NEVER REST IN PEACE UNTILL WE ALL FEEL SAFE TO INVEST AND LIVE IN THIS BELOVED COUNTRY OF OURS. My heart goes out to his family.

  3. Akua said

    I hope those in authority will wake up from their slumber since the situation is getting out of hand. We all do not feel safe now and tourists are also being targetted. Ghana, our precious country must be saved! Thanks for your story.

  4. Uncle Nab said

    Could the writer please indicate some of the ways by which he expects the govt to protect the lives Ghanains abroad? It is a pity we have lost Boakye in this way;my condolence goes to his family and relations but really, what can a govt sitting in Accra do?

  5. Oh yes Ghana must get up on this situation , please ‘am appealing to the government on these issue to take good step in it. In addition, add army to police and areset all rubbers in over Ghana thanks

  6. Kojo Bioh said

    It’s very unfortunate that we lose precious one’s to ever increasing attacked from our own people. This article is excellent and worth encoring it to the law enforcement officers to protect her citizens.
    It is so scaring to be in your own home for either holidays, business and at the back of your mind consider your self as a target and as such have a sleepless night in your own home thinking the arm robbers will come and attack you and loves ones. There is reported case that they rape nursing mother and her Daughter when they did not get what they wanted. That is shameful and the Government must do something about it.

  7. Emm said

    I strongly agree with the writer this article.

  8. what actually happended and when? am so touched by your write up. maybe my network could do a better personalsied story on this issue. can you help with osme further info on Ben? family and all? that would be great.

  9. Maya said

    Paapa kweku said it all. We are all at risk.

  10. Maame said

    oh what a pity. my condolence to ben’s family

  11. I am also shattered by the brutal way in which Ben’s life has been stolen from us. The question that remains is: If we cannot feel safe in our own country of birth, where else have we to call home? What has our beloved country, the beacon of sub-Saharan Africa, turned into? Must we allow criminals and murderers to dictate the sorts of life we lead, living in fear? Something needs to be done about these shameful acts. Lets hear from you, leaders of our once safe and beautiful nation.

  12. Tawiah said

    Very beautiful read. I was born in Koforidua and I grew up there. It is indeed my ancestral home, my maternal grandfather being, apparently, one of
    the refugees from Old Juabeng.

    It makes me very proud to read this article. The tragedy, though, is that I have never been to Boti Falls. Next time I am in Ghana, guess where I am going to be visiting. Boti, of course. My only wish and hope are that the development being contemplated will not destroy the ambience of the Falls and the environs, Niagara Falls style.

    Thanks so much for sharing this article.

  13. I am sorry about the tragic loss of Ben. No one can understand this senseles act of violence. My prayers goes to Ben’s family.

    We must redouble our efforts for a responsive government. We must all be involved in trying to solve the myriad social problems in our country. Community policing has proven effective in many countries. We might want to introduce it in our country. Creating employment opportunities would help reduce crime. We need an effective judicial system to lead in the fight against crime.

  14. Nich said

    what can we fathom as being the rationale for this tragedy. No matter what, it cannot be justified.
    Without hurting feelings, oflate, a lot of young are getting involved in so many things in their bid to beat an imagery. my condolences to the family, friends and loved ones.

  15. This armed robbery happened to me in my house at East Legon only two and half months ago. Fortunately my life was spared. It’s really sad to hear the story of Ben Boakye. My condolences to his family. But let us start a crusade on this medium and carry it over. Let’s make our voices heard. This is not acceptable. Paapa Gaisie, let’s join forces now and see how far we can go. my email address is Get in touch and let’s take it from there.

  16. Charles said


  17. Pat said

    He seem like a good person, it is sad that he has passed.

  18. Am short of words ,this si the sadness story of the year.i dont know what to say ,now goitn back home after been in someones country can resolve to death.Now am skid to go to Ghana ,beacause of this army robber in our country.the government should do something about it before is too late .or else we will stay in others people country forever .May your soul rest in prefect peace untile we meet again .DA yie

  19. Nana Yaw said

    it is sad and may ben find rest. why oh why must this still go on in GHANA we long to go home and help but all the time you here about one of as going to help back home and faceing a bad end make as ask the Q do we bring guns home now or do we just not go home ahh i live that to our government to ans.

  20. The Government must go an extra mile to tackle and eradicate armed robbery in Ghana. Crime rates have escalated over the past decade. There are too many drugs in the system. These criminals are fearless and ruthless. The death penalty has not been used for a long time. This menace affects everyone. Entrepreneurs from the diaspora are often targetted, right from the airport. Investors and tourists will be deterred from the country. People should demonstrate against armed robbery. May the soul of Ben Owusu Boakye rest in peace.

  21. In fact its unfortunate to hear such a horrible tragedy.May our peaceful mercful God recieve him to his kingdom in heavens.Infact we do not have to blame no one than the POLICE and the IMMEGRATION who are on our four coners of the Ghanaian boarders.Thier the co-oprates.Am saying this because sometimes,they even go as far as sell guns to the am robbers.My peace of advice is that,We should not rent any house to aliens,and the police should to stop taking bribs and try to enforce the law of our motherland.All that is going on like kalabule,started by POLICE so I think Ghana police force must be re-structured…


  23. Mo ni kasa! You have well written this article and it breaks my heart to know that our motherland is not that “safe” any longer. I just wish the government would do something about it. Such a heart wrenching story; May his soul rest in perfect peace, my condolences goes to his family, friends and loved ones.

  24. Sharita said

    May his soul rest in perfect peace. I am really scared of going home because of all these robbery and killing that is going on in our own country Ghana. We cannot stay in this stressful country forever and if these good for nothing useless arm robbers too have captured our country then i must say that we are in a very big problem. I wish the government should make the security in Ghana very strict and tight.

  25. May his soul “Rest In Peace”. Amen. This is really a very sad news. It’s really true that we in foreign coutries sometimes feel very reluctant to invest in our own country due to this nasty behaviours of the so called armed robbers.How can we prosper? Those guys are those that turn to blame the government of the day of lack of employment.Our brothers and sisters back home sometimes forget to understand that Private sector reigns very well in all developed countries.The government in all developed countries has the Private Sector as their backbone to boost the development of their countries.How can our country Ghana develop if we rely solely on the government to do every thing? It’s time we the citizens sat up to realise the trend of development in foreign countries and follow suit.
    I’m really sad.
    A word to the wise……..!

  26. My sympathy goes out to Ben’s family. The Gorvenment need to act fast and seriously secure safety to the people!
    What a shame!

  27. Dora said

    This is really very sad. I know we will all die one day, but to take someone else’s life so viciously and heartlessly is just unbelievable. Seven times in the head!!! What message did the killer want to send to the victim and his family? Indeed the Ghana government has to do something about the surge in crimes and robbery. Ghana, which once seemed to be one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, is slowly, but surely becoming one of the deadliest countries for armed robberies and senseless killings. My sympathy goes out to the bereaved family. This is such a shame to the Ghanaian community and to the government as a whole that we all sit back and let these thugs get away with killing and robbing people as means of survival. That is so sad. REST IN PEACE, MR. BOAKYE

  28. Benny said

    that is very very bad something must be done about it.why should it happen at all, that is greediness in the highest level.thanks

  29. Osei said

    Sad,sad,sad!!!Those who’re behind these killings have to change and turn over a new leaf,for it’ll never end them well.The saying goes that:LIFE IS NOT A STATIC THING.THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT CHANGE THEIR MINDS ARE INCOMPETENTS IN ASYLUM,AND THOSE IN CEMETERIES.If they’ll never change their minds,why have one.

  30. Nana Ama said

    Mr. Gaisie,
    It’s ok to lament this person’s death but if you’re writing to inform the public of this story, then inform us with just the facts and let’s deduce our own conclusion. It almost seem you’re ranting to a friend.

  31. My fellow Ghanaians, its time for us to voice out what is going on in our motherland Ghana.What is the government doing about this?.IT IS TIME FOR OUR OUT GOING GOVERNMENT AND THE ONE TO COME, TO DOING SOMETHING I AM A GHANAIAN GANADAIAN DID THE GOVERNMENT WANTS ME TO INVEST AT HOME AND TO BE KILLED LIKE THIS,I HOPE NOT.

  32. May he rest in perfect sympaty to his reporter,you’ve hit the nail right on the like this will never encourage Ghananians living in diasporal to go back home either to stay or to invest.there was a time in Ghana history when you see a theife and shout”ewieooo”the thiefe will jump whichever floor and run for his or here dear life.This is an indication that these armed rubbers are not Ghananians.Kuffuor should open his augly sleepy eyes and take tough mearsures against nonGhananians who are pulling our beloved country down.

  33. Peace said

    Bravo! Exellent article. Couldn,t have been written any better. You make Koftowners proud. Kudos to you.

  34. Makai said

    I think this is an unfortunate and a sad incident how ever i think the laws the we currently have regarding armed robbery is to loose. They get arrested taken to jail where they are been exposed to more new ways of robbery and when they come out the are worse. so there is but one solution that when they are arrested and the court has found them guilt, the should openly killing them by visiting some of the ancient was they use in dealing with people like that. For instance the chinese had a whole lot of torture or systm to kill people like that. And it will cause them to learn and things will turn arround. I belive prison is for petty thieve or people with out serious crime. Not for armed robbers.

  35. In fact the crime in Ghana is getting out of hands. What is the government doing to stop it. Are we going to sit back for these thugs to ruin Oman Ghana? It seems to me that these armed robbers are taking over. What a shame?

    What is the government doing with these foreigners in Ghana who are causing all these atrocious crimes? If this continues unabated, the citizens will result to arming themselves with arms and fight back.

    The Gov’t needs to wake up Now!!!!

  36. News like this pretty much scares most Ghanaians living in the diaspora who have intentions of settling back home in the future.It is our prayer that the good Lord will give our leaders the wisdom and the courage face headon this endemic brutalities.

  37. I’am so disheartened about the plight of this brother, who was bold enough to take the initiative to invest in Ghana. Many of us outside Ghana have this urge to come home to give back into the economy but the stories about the treatments awaiting us is so terrifying. Years ago the horrible stories were about Nigeria. Now it has hit home. Is there any hope?

  38. May his soul rest in perfect peace. The culprit will definately be awarded a life full of torture. We in the diaspora should indeed feel safe when going home. Government of Ghana, strive for safety.

  39. A shocking news! May he rest in peace. My sympathy to his dear ones who are grieving over his death.
    I keep them in my prayers and thanks for sharing.

  40. Tanto said

    It is shocking and sad to hear this man’s story. I wrote few articals about this same issues few months ago on JoyFm and Ghana web. I am a Ghanaian of Nigerian parentage. Ghana is everything to me. I was born in Ghana several years ago; therefore, I am a mature person. I attended secondary school and worked as a civil servant before leaving Ghana for overseas several years ago. Ghana used to be the safest and great country among all west African countries. This kinds of crimes were unheard of when I was growing. I am blaming our government for not doing anything about crimes in Ghana. Our leaders have turned Ghana to crime capital second to Nigeria. It is very sad to hear how fast Ghana is turning to Nigeria orthe United States when it comes to crimes.

    I am ready to join you and others that care about Ghana to sent petitions to our government to help our country stop the criminal elements. In fact, I am afraid to visit home because of crimes. I am ashamed to hear that my beloved country is giving in to criminals. Please let us stop these criminal elements by joining hands to do something about it. I am with you on this issue. Talk is cheap, let us put words into action. I am ready to share email address with anyone that is willing to join in petitioning.


  41. im v.dissappointed.2 hear dat some1 has taken dis man who has gud heart 4 his country.justice shd b done 2 those responsible 4 his death.i sometimes think dat 2 go 2 ghana n b killed,i’ll rather stay abroad.may hissoul rest in peace n da Lord shd panish da killers.

  42. I have been so saddened to hear of this heartless murder of someone with great intentions of helping invest in Ghana. If with our armed forces and police, we cannot ensure the safety of our own people, then we better think of our own safety back in a foreign land. It is such a pity that our own government cannot protect us from vicious attacks of armed robbers. Shame on our elected officials!

  43. This is a very sad incident. Stories like this make u feel like not going back home but at the same time, it’s still our motherland. paapa kweku gaisie, contact urgent

  44. Yea,so sad to hear this tragedy of a dear friend.As I am preparing to go back home to open A/C workshop,this story hit me like a rocket. Do I have to go or stay back? i don’t like to stay here all my life but if I fear to go back to my home country ‘cos of armed roberry,then there is something wrong somewhere.Our presidential candidares are promising heaven and earth but are not giving us any hint of their preparedness to as to how they would combact the ever increasing armed bandits in the country which is very sad. Even here in America a budget is set aside for the country’s security.I know Ghana don’t have that much to do it but what concrete program have the gov’t put inplace to fightt his canker eating into the ghanaian fabric? It’s very serious issue that all must tackle.

  45. Hugo said

    We have always known Ghana to be a peaceful place and now that the same crimes from the West where we all herald as the biggest panacea to the problems of the third world are plaguing our culture is rearing its ugly head – we are thinking of living in the West thinking we are “safe” from crime. People are meeting violent crimes daily in big American cities but we are not alarmed by it – how come when it happens in Ghana to one of us visiting we are so alarmed – we are just fearful it could happen to us when we go there, but it can happens to us here also but we have a false sense of feeling safe until it happens. Take heart the whole of Ghana is safer than NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Joe Young said

    Thank you very much for yr info. Throughly, the Ghana gov. must do his best to eradicate this kind of malfaiteurs (crimnals ) who has entered our mother Ghana wether they’re fellow citizens or foreigners. President Kufuour and his ministers must think twice about this particular issue it degrades the good name of our country. How do we expect people to come to invest home. We must think of this very seriously. Let’s do something to eliminate this evil character. We cant stay outside all our life. Home Sweet Home.

  47. Hugo said

    If this was a rampant crime in Ghana it will get a bigger negative media play that Ghana is a horrible place to visit as we Ghanaians living overseas would like to put fear in the hearts of one another about one or two remote crimes reported. We have to remember that there are a lot of our family members living there in Ghana who are not being knived. Ghanaians living in London are not moving back to Ghana because they are afraid of being KNIVED!!

  48. AB said


  49. Denise said

    i am going to ghana soon and i pray that god be with us while we are there may his soul rest in perfect peace

  50. As a Ghanaian with aspirations and goals of traveling back to Ghana to share my education and knowledge with my native land, this article really frightens me.

    I thoroughly agree with the writer’s call for the government to ensure that on top of the economic hardship and lifestyle difficulties that returning nationals may face, they do not have to, in addition, contend with the fear of losing their very lives!

    A tough stance on crime (although we understand that high crime levels correspond with low economic opportunities), is vital for the progression of economic development in Ghana.

  51. Akosuwa said

    It rather unfortunate these awful things are happening in Ghana. These things are not encouraging some of us to even visit Ghana because even if you lodge in a hotel, the arm robbers are still looking for you. Long as you are poor, no proplem and your safety is assured.It is about time the government comes out with a plan and let us know how they will be protecting innocent ghanaians and tourist. These unfortunate news makes me dread alot to visit Ghana in the sense that l’m not better than they those people who meet their untimely death in the hands of arm robbers and ritualist in Ghana. It is very sickening. May he rest in a perfect peace.

  52. ama serwaa boakye said

    My dear uncle had a beautiful soul.all he wanted to do was help his fellow ghanaians and we have lost him. Wofa due… will always love u.

  53. oheneba said

    Being shot seven times in the head? that’s hate crime.Just wish something can be done about this situation because it’s getting out of hand.I live in the Bronx N.Y and have a friend who went to Ghana two months ago and never returned,he was killed at the Labadi beach.If we want our country to be secured then we must be strict at our borders too,anybody can come in and out and do whatever because we are too lenient.We take refugeese from all parts of West Africa including war criminals without checking their back grounds,i know Ghana is not highly technological but we still can do something, if the guys at the borders do an excellent job that will solve a bit of the problem.Corruption!!! that’s what everybody talk about but it’s everywhere, it is here in the U.S too and all we got to do is help cut it down.We can’t have immigration officials take lumps of money just to let drug traffickers and armed robbers into the country.Although it’s true we have our own criminals but we can’t afford to double that number to make the situation worse? let’s all voice out and say no to crime in our nation,i think we can do that with the help of every Ghanaian abroad,a union to fight crime back home would not be a bad idea,i am glad most Ghanaians are using the internet more frequently than before so let’s make this media a link to help sovle problems back home.I have said something,anybody got an idea?

  54. Naa said

    Oh Ghana our Motherland! What have you become? How can we feel safe to back home when travel overseas?
    Its rather unfortunate Uncle Ben had to die this way. For a person who has his country at heart and therefore setting up a business to create job opportunities for fellow Ghanaians, does he deserve to die in this manner? This is appalling. Was it wrong for him to help His Motherland?
    Fellow Ghanaians we ought to be one another’s keeper. Together let us build a safe Ghana.

  55. A very inspiring and passionate article Papa. Good on you and may uncle Ben’s soul rest in perfect peace. In God’s own time we will meet him again in the happy land. Amen.

  56. Araba said

    This is disgusting, if only those lazy ones knew how we suffer to get that one pound. May the lord have mercy on his killers.

  57. Nana said

    Thanks for the article mr.Gaisie,this has been my problem for a long time,i can not go to Ghana without having a weapon to protect myself.Imagine been in the U.S.A for more than a decade then all of a sudden i decide to go back home to my own country just to loose everything i have toiled for?that’s gonna be war,if the government of Ghana can not do anythinh about this problem because they take it so unimportant,then we the citizens in the diaspora have to do something,we can set up a uninon to fight against crime in our country,it is really getting out of hand and i can not wait.It’s true that some foriegn nationals contibute to the majority of this crimes,i will say some Nigerians,Liberinas and others why?because they take Ghana as a vunerable and a safe haven to commit such crimes,we are too nice and that’s been the problem.I can not imagine liberians taking land for themselves after we have given them a place to live as refugese at the Bujumbura camp,you see how they paid us back?i will not say all of them did bad but the majority did because we did not have the time to scrutinze all those criminals of war that came into our country,now we have ourselves to blame.What about Nigeria? i remeber tons of Ghanaians we repartrated from Nigeria in a cruel manner because they blame our country men of robbery and taking jobs from them,i remember almost every family was affected because a lot of the did not come home and their where abouts unknown for years now.Olay!!!! as the say,a car tire, some petroleum then you are gone whether innocent or not.Now they have a bag called “Ghana must go”we let them get away with serious crimes because we are considered the peacefull nation.What are we waiting for? i am pleading for you to use your media and i will be number one to sign up to be a member of Ghanians abroad fighting crime,i am so concern because i live in the Bronx N.Y,my friend went back home to Ghana two months ago and never returned,he was killed at the Labadi pleasure beach.

  58. Many thanks for your touching article. In fact my heart goes for the family of Mr. Boakye and l am very sorry for the bad news. I go to Ghana every year now for the past six years. Some times it is very scary to go out there in the night for work around the neighbourhood. I believe our Government can do something more to provide us environment free of abuse, torturing, and premature death. Paapa continue with your good job.

  59. Kofi said

    We need to stand up and protect our good image and true hospitality as Ghanaians.Wake up fellow countrymen,wake up.
    A word to the wise…..

  60. Kwasi said

    To Hugo
    Ghana is safer than NYC???
    Where in NYC do you live? The issue here is not even the crimes being committed but the presence of security forces. They are non-existent in Ghana. Maybe you should have your car breakdown on the motorway and then you will understand

  61. Kwasi said

    Interestingly, this issue of security never comes up during the run up to the elections. What plans do these candidaes have for our country? We seem to get caught up with useless issues when we can use the political season to voice our concerns about pertinent issues.

  62. jJuliana Blackmon said

    I read all the comments and I’m very touched. Now let’s get some action in place. Anybody out there knows how to start a petition to our Govt?

  63. Paapa Kweku said


    The purpose of this article is not only to inform the public of Mr. Boakye’s Story.(I’M NOT A STORY TELLER)
    The main issue here is that it could happen to anybody, including you. So what we need to do as Ghanaians is to unite and find ways of pressuring the Current and Future Government leaders to address this issue.

    I wrote this article because I am a concerned Ghanaian and relative of the victim therefore that entitles me to deduce my own conclusion on the crime situation in Ghana.

  64. Thank you for this article.

    I believe that the crime situation has many layers.

    There is some complacency that exists among the people about addressing the escalating crime in Ghana. There is an attitude, it seems of “well it’s NOT our responsibility to keep ourselves safe! The government is responsible!”

    The government IS responsible for protecting its citizens but it is the responsibility of the PEOPLE to make the government accountable.

    I do not believe that there are many who have LEARNED HOW to make their government accountable. It seems that many in Ghana feel they are powerless when it comes to government entities and systems of authority. This mindset MUST BE addressed before social action can occur.

  65. Ben Tsatsu Korsinah said

    Wofa, Rest In The Bossom Of The Lord.

  66. DREB said

    The security of any nation is as important as creating jobs. I was suprised when I went back home to Ghana last year after living in the US for ten years to find that every one I know had a heavy metal buggler proof on their doors for fortification.

    I said to myself, this is not the Ghana I left only a decade ago. Misplacement of priorities, yes that is it. I was warned not to walk around places during the day in Tema, places I could walk as a boy in the middle of the night. It really broke my heart. The government must step up. This is unacceptable.

    Due Na Amandzi Hu, uncle Ben.

  67. Thailand said


    […]Ghanaian-Australian shot dead in Ghana « Business in Ghana[…]…

  68. With US in debt maybe you need to invest gold…

    […]Ghanaian-Australian shot dead in Ghana « Business in Ghana[…]…

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