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Goodbye Koforidua, ‘Au Revoir’ Boti Falls

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 27, 2008

Whether you come by the Nsawam-Suhum road or through the Akuapim hills, as a first time visitor to Koforidua, the amazing sight of Obuotabiri Mountain (the rock of Tabiri) greets you, and in seconds as you enter the city by car, you see streetlights and the beautiful dual carriage that ushers you into this beautiful city.  Located at the confluence of the basins of the Densu and the Pawn-pawn in the New Juaben traditional, Koforidua lies between latitudes 6o and 7o North and between longitudes 1o30’ West and 0o30’ East. The youth affectionately call it ‘Koftown’ and it is shortened K’dua for the loveliness of its name. The city prides itself among cities of equal in Southern Ghana and as such, its residents are proud of announcing themselves as coming from Koftown.

By Carly Ahiable

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Fire in Toronto, Ghanaian youth mowed down mecillessly

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 27, 2008

In the jungle world of guns, sex, booze, and drugs, death often comes, suddenly in a brazen hail of bullets in dark alleys, in forgotten and forbidden places, where only the brave can tread. The victims and killers often know each other pretty well; your very friends. They would take you down to what police calls, drug call down. Drug call down is a call to death, often tricked and taken there by one of your trusted friends, simply because you might have broken some of the codes of the drug trade, sealed and signed by blood. You die if you rat or snitch to the police. You die if you refuse to push some drug. You die if you dilute the drug. You die if you are tardy in drug payment. And you die if you bed the girlfriends of your friends behind bars. Hard to imagine such low lives have such strong codes of conduct. This is the minefield some Ghanaian youth have fallen into.

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Finance minister Baah Wiredu dies in South Africa

Posted by Business in Ghana on September 27, 2008

Ghana’s minister for Finance and Economic planning, Hon. Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu, passed away in a South Africa hospital yesterday.

“The government announces with deep sorrow and shock the death of Mr Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu, minister of finance and economic planning,” Kwadwo Mpiani, Ghana’s minister of presidential affairs, said in a statement.  “Mr Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu passed away today after a short illness in a South African hospital,” the statement said. According to a source, in J’burg, he died suddenly while attending a conference. Another source claims he died after a short illness .

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