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Is Rawlings Really Ghana’s Unlikely Democrat?

Posted by Business in Ghana on January 19, 2009

You see, the New York Times is a global newspaper of record that can almost as easily make or break the fortunes of many a significant personality as well as his/her image. And this largely explains why on June 17, 2008, when the New York Times quoted me in an article on the managerial efficiency, or lack thereof, of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, I couldn’t help but feel very important and even significant (See “Bloomberg’s Popularity Survives Darkening Mood of City Poll Finds”). I had been asked to answer a “Yes/No” type of oral questionnaire about how I personally felt New York City’s quite popular and likable Mayor was running the world’s number one city. And as was to be expected, I had said quite a lot in the twenty minutes, or so, that the interview lasted. My opinion, naturally, was neatly, even if somewhat incoherently and sketchily, distilled into two column inches of newsprint. Needless to say, anybody who knows anything about the landmark status and stature of this 19th-century pioneering paper would readily own that even a mere passing mention of one’s name in The Times, as it is affectionately called, is definitely worth all the euphoria and excitement that the subject of such mention may feel.

By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr.

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