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Mills’ ‘New Way’

Posted by Business in Ghana on February 27, 2009

I want to make a difference.” That’s one of the key phrases I picked from President Mills’ state of the nation address last week. It’s a noble desire and it’s not hard to achieve. If the president fulfils half the pledges he made in that address, he would make more than a difference. The question is: can he live up to the high standards he has set for himself? It’s hard to tell.  But in that sessional address, President Mills promised “a new way of doing things”. That could be an indication that he knows exactly what it takes to “make a difference.” You see, it’s hard to “make a difference” if you are stuck with the old ways of doing things. If President Mills doesn’t forget this principle, he just might end up making most (if not all) the “difference” he wants and, in so doing, become one of the best leaders this country ever had.  The major difference I will want the president to make is for him to do everything humanely possible to make sure that by the end of his tenure he would have invested more in the well-being of the citizens than any president has ever done in our nation’s short history. This simply means that I’d like to see the president plough a lot of money into providing Ghanaians with the basics – an efficient water supply system, hospitals that are not graveyards, schools where minds are developed and a nation that is at peace with itself.

By Ato Kwamena Dadzie

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