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Pope Mills, Where is the Separation of Church and State?

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 16, 2009

In the bad old days, especially in the 11th and 12th centuries, Christians perpetuated Crusades in a series of religion-driven military campaigns waged by much of Christian Europe against external and internal opponents. Crusades were fought mainly against Muslims, though campaigns were also directed against pagan Slavs, Jews, Russian and Greek Orthodox Christians, Mongols, Cathars, Hussites, Waldensians, Old Prussians, and political enemies of the popes. Crusaders took vows and were granted an indulgence for past sins. Now increasingly, Prof. Mills is beginning to sound like a Crusader.

By Sydney Casely-Hayford


62 Responses to “Pope Mills, Where is the Separation of Church and State?”

  1. Hmmm said

    I like your piece but may be you should get your statistics right! christians in Ghana are not only 30%. In the 2000 census the number was about 67%. you dont need to manipulate figures to make your point of the need to separate religion from the state!!

  2. You are right on the mark. Congratulations for calling it as you see it!

  3. Other reasons to separate church and State benefit christianity itself, especially those that are dedicated to follow Christ’s teachings and its devotions. For example, take the case of the Roman Ruler Contantine. After becoming a devotee of christianity he nationalized it, and he institutionalize christianity,a adulterated it with pagan practices. The christain church became Roman Catholic Church until most the Reformrs we now know sprang up. Jesus did not prescribe to become part of goverment. His reign on earth is not come, and christian do themselves good to separate the endorsemet of the state

  4. Desola said

    What is is about the Ten Commandments that goes against the simple commandments that are imprinted on each human conscience? – Fair treatment of one another and acknowledgement of a Higher Power? What part of it does the author want President Mills to leave at his door when he goes to work in the morning…. peace, fairness, justice, contentment?

  5. Opare said

    What Casely Hayford is saying Mr Feather brain is that Mr Mills must not be seen to making too much a deal about his stance on Christianity as it is not nationally binding. Casely made the case that Ghanaians come from all walks of life on the religious divide so utterances from a President such as ”i wish Ghana was a prayer camp” can in some cases leave a sour taste in the mouth of others. Ever heard the saying ‘give to Caesar what is for Caesar and to the lord what is for the lord’? Well that was the great Jesus Christ being wise enough to say to people that they must conform to State affairs, taxes and so on wih all seriousness and be devout followers in the same vein. Last thing we want is Egya Mills calling for a national day of fasting and prayer when it is obvious he has probably not done a good job of hashing national problems. Those are the times when even God with all his compassion will close his ears. Anybody who wants to represent Ghanaians in any form must remember the various people and religions who propelled them to that height in the first place and take that into account when making utterances. Ghana is not a Pentecostal state. Please read articles deeply and get the gist of what writers are trying to convey before mouthing off thesoap suds. Those are just bubbles.

  6. Beno said

    we should all be grateful to have a leader who knows God.Some times when people are learned they think they are wise.Mills is not against any religion in Ghana.he is only being the good christian he is supposed to be. i know you will have something to say if he is not religious. onipa adaseni

  7. Ghana is a religious country ever since immemorial and that is what kept us peaceful and united to date. So what is this casley-hayford, a demon reincarnate trying to tell us? When Dr. Hilla Liman was a president, he usully leaves cabinet meetings at very crucial moments to pray during moslem prayer hours.
    What is wrong about Mills taking his bible along with him to the castle?
    Does the constitution debar people from taking Koran or the Bible to the castle?

  8. Obaa Yaa said

    They call him Asomdwehene, really? And he has the audacity to mingle with some devils claiming to be pastors, and a the same time allow the devil’s advocate rawlings to tell him what to do or say. Oh Oman Ghana, we are really doomed to come soo low for such an idiot “associate professor” or teacher who couldn’t even recite the simple oath to rule us. He sat down when his ndc mafias were harassing oppenents including the highly respected ex-president Kufuor without saying anything, BUT came out to talk rubbish when the brongs and ashantis voiced their concern regarding recent harrassment of the ex-president. If this sickman really love peace as he claims, why allowing his mafias to disturb the peace tha Kufuor had given us? What a stupid sick president have we allowed to rule over us? I can’t wait for 2012 to kick out these loosers!

  9. …and the Bible was piled up by some people who called themselves Theologians however it is a good book to help someone to straight-up his or her life but it is wrong to rule a nation with the Bible because it won’t help. Who was with God when he was creating the heavens and the earth? There is something in the world but christianity prevented us to explore deeper to know it. The world is dark and it is time Atta Mills behaves like a politician and not one of those pastors.

  10. Aba said

    I think people in this forum are being too harsh on Mills. I am neither an NDC or NPP sympatheiser; basically I have a problem with politicians in general,especially those in africa. I think he is a fine gentleman, was a very good teacher (he taught me) and it is a plus for us to have a president who is God-fearing. people should not DELIBERATLEY take his ‘I wish Ghana was a prayer camp’ comment out of context to score cheap political points; he should be given some respect and a chance to prove himself. His MAJOR problem is reconciling his ambition to be president (’cause I don’t think anyone forced him on this path) with the background of the NDC party – many people perceive and believe it was born out of violence, ‘democratic’ not by principle but by the the dictates of circumstances. The man Rawlings, the founder of the party, by his nature and posture is simply not a democrat and no NDC fanatic should attempt to deny this. Mills and NDC fanatiacs CANNOT easily sweep the JJ factor under the carpet. Today Mills authority being heavily challenged is the price he has to pay for joining the NDC to pursue his ambition. With JJ, Nana Konadu plus the HARDCORE NDC gurus still around him, Mills DEFINATLEY needs a ‘miracle hand’ to guarantee his success, so people should go easy on him with regards to his ‘strategic’ religious approach. Praying and working go hand in hand and I think this is just what he is doing. Please allow him, the environment around him is tooo heavy!!!

  11. Ohene Kena said

    Prof.has sold his soul to the vicious people around him.It’s barely six month since he became pres. and he is already a lame duck.Pellicles you are right.How can a Prof. follows blindly like that.They are using him for their quest for power.He really need prayers.I will remember him in my prayers.

  12. Religion as you know it today is a colonial mentality that is second only to the real enslavement of the African continent,so if you want to continue the closure of your mind and eyes,its your business.But bear in mind that there so many progressive and better lands who do not practice what you believe,and yet not at war.

  13. Afua said

    There is a difference between knowing God and doing his WILL. God does not want people to spend endless time praying to HIM while refusing to work or use their brains to find ways and means to solve problems. As a matter of fact, God WORKED for 6 days and chose ONLY ONE DAY to be worshipped and HE, GOD declared it SABBATH DAY. He has also stated in the New Testament that those who don’t work should NOT eat. In the book of Proverbs, he also talk about LAZY people like Mills, who refused to work. That is GOD; he is a hardworking God who has been working overtime for BLACK people, because they refuse to use the brains he gave them. Therefore, any group that spend a week praying without working and hoping that Manna will fall from Heaven is an idiot and illiterate.
    Thank you.

  14. KK said

    Afua as you call yourself, you have to be ashamed of yourself I’m not a memeber of NDC but let me tell you the truth. Mills is not a lazy man, what have you achieve in life? At least the people of Ghana realized his dedication and hard work and made him a president that alone is enough.We have to be thankful that we have a president who knows God and can publicly proclaim it.God bless you President Mills.

  15. Ohene Kena said

    If I’m not mistaken you are a christian isn’t it?Look how you are insulting somebody for espressing her views.Jesus will never do that.By the way,K4 didn’t shove his religion on our throats.The Pope Egya Atta is sitting idle whilst his people are butchering and torturing innocent people.Some are even preventing others from entering public toilets and he call himself a christian.He is christian to ndc but not the rest of us in the opposition.

  16. Paaminnow said

    I read thru Casely Hayford article on the above sub and i could not understand what he was really trying to arrived at. Is he saying the Prez is using the Church against others? To my understanding the Prez is only calling peace thru the religion the he is enbedded into but not waging a crusade against others.

  17. Ohene Kena said

    Perception is reality.Have you thought about it that the moslems may think he’s trying to marginalise them.He is the president of Ghana not the president of christian council of Ghana.As simple as that.That’s what the writer, CASEY is trying to arrive at.

  18. Religion can be used as a justification for abuses, as happened during the Crusades and even currently, with the “Jihads”-that is not right.
    I believe the Prez is free to make his faith and belief known but that shouldn’t be imposed on others and any form of imposition shouldn’t be condoned. How would Christians feel, if we are to have a moslem head of state who would adopt such conduct?
    i agree with Prez Mills, that the nation needs prayers and all and sundry ought to pray for the nation but there shouldn’t be any “imposition”.
    lastly,separating the church from the state in a sense helps the church grow and flourish. Getting too attached to government may weaken the church’s resolve to carry out her divine mandate. such strong attachment may result in the church becoming a poliltical tool.

  19. Ohene Kena said

    It’s only a fool who will not agree with this article.It’s unfortunate some people can’t handle the truth thereby result to verbal abuse.Religion has destroyed the peace in the world for far too long.Egya Atta can worship whatever and whom he want to worship but shouldn’t shove that on our throats.Everybody in Ghana claims to be a christian but look around you and see if their actions reflect what the Bible teaches.Hypocrates everywhere.Prophets flirting with kids and other people’s wives.God is for everbody.Before the crusaders imposed their religion on us,we knew God already.As I keep saying even if the quarter of Christians will adhere to the teachings of christ,Ghana will be a wonderland.Lazy people hiding under the pretext of religion and not working.Send your money to a pastor here in Ghana to build a house for you and he will squander your money.

  20. Pelicles said

    The very people who introduced religion to us are using their God given brains to work hard and come out with innovations etc to better the lives of their citizen. Africans on the other hand, are praying 24/7 thinking that God will descend from where he is and help us with our problems. Religion had made us lazy and corrupt. All our politicians affiliate themselves with other religion and yet, what do we see from these people?

  21. Chris said

    Chiefs should no longer travel hundreds of miles to the Castle with drinks to ‘officially’ inform the President about the death of chiefs 2 years after the chief has died. This is waste of Presidential time. Who drinks these drinks? So the cabinet is always boozing and attending funerals. You call this idiocy culture. No wonder we are poor because we waste so much precious time.

  22. KBro said

    Let all those Jesus-freaks be damned!
    George W. Bush and his cohorts ruled the world by faith and look at the state of the world now… Oh Africans, why do we always put the hangman’s noose around our own necks. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, where do we Africans fit in? Onua Sankofa

  23. Sly said

    Hey Kbro, Have you ever ponder or say “heartless politician”. Have you ever hoped that a politician or a president for that matter do the right? Do you like it when people misuse public funds? To right the wrong means leaning on a higher power for guidance. I affiliate with NPP but on this the sitting president is on course. Sorry.

  24. Niifio said

    People, and Ghanaians are no exception, don’t learn. They carry the idea of God into every aspect of their lives, at the expense of ordinary reasoning. Logic is God-given too! Otherwise, why should people pray from morning to evening and expect foreigners to come to their aid? Why should people endowed with the ability to think and act refuse to use their capacities and then beg from neighbors who reason and plan and PRODUCE results? All one needs to see in Ghana is Rev. Mensah Otabil. At one point he had nothing. Today he owns so much. Does that that make him less God-fearing? What is the difference? And when and who must apply those principles and come and give us the fruit of their labour? In stead of carrying God on our lips everywhere, people, lets begin to think and work out our lofty faith ideas. If our idea of God does not solve our problems over a period of time, we are definitely wrong! A word to the wise.

  25. Newbasky said

    What at all do you people want for christ sake! You people claim jerry rawlings did not fear god and as such did so much against the nation.
    Kuffour came into power pretending to be what he was not. Flirting here and there and buzzing here and there. You people louded it, now he is out of power.
    We now have someone who fears god than rawlings and is not a womanizer and a buzz man like kuffour. The prof and pres had decided to go all out for god. Is that the big deal? Shame unto all of you. You wish he was dead, he didnt die, you wish he lost the election, he didnt loose, you wish he will womanize and misbehave, that too he would not do.
    He lives for christ and would die in him. If you have a problem with that, then you can go and jump the sea. Good day.

  26. Onua said

    Has he advocated for any particular religion? or you are pissed of because he is not afraid to say he is a christian? By the way, who told you only 30% of Ghanaians are christians, minimum is 65%.

  27. Learn to ask new questions! Why do you accept this Eurenctric interpretation that “Originally, the Crusades had the goal of recapturing Jerusalem and the Holy Land from Muslim rule and were launched in response to a call from the Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Empire for help against the expansion of the Muslim Seljuk Turks into Anatolia.”

  28. It seems Oguaa Attah does not understand the reason why our creator endowed us with brains.The Bible’s excellent counsel that,”God helps those who help themselves”,still holds true today. The story is told of two boys who were walking to school one early morning.Half-way to the school they heard the school bell ringing.One of the boys began to run the run of his life,whilst the other knelt down and began to pray.What was the outcome of this story?

  29. A GERSIS said

    Fellow Ghanaians. Separation of Church and State is a pie in the sky illusion. Mills is doing just fine. Leave him out of it.

  30. Afude said

    Ghanaians pretend to worship God than any group of people I know. In Ghana people go to church from monday to sunday. On every sunday all school buildings are turned into churches. People have ample time on their hands to worship but they don’t understand why they are poor.
    President Mills should stop this church nonsense and lead the country.

  31. Anonymous said

    Liar Christians are more then fifty percent of Ghanaian population

  32. George said

    Now you see the difference. These Julor Secondary School and Sasabronsam Secondary School graduates from the NDC will never understand the article. No wonder, they are poor and have been deceived ever since the devil came on the political scene in 1979. Why are some tribes successful and others not in Ghana? Why are Ewes envious and jealous of Ashantis? Because Ewes are lazy and Ashantis are hardworking. No matter what you tell these lazy and poor NDC people, they will never listen because they never use their brains. So leave them. We all know what Atta Mills and his NDC are doing since they came to power in the last two months. Saying and doing are two things all together

  33. Manu said

    All these stupid essays won’t bring us forward.Let the President sart work now.God is there for everybody, even the pagans.

  34. Little said

    In recent times, this has been my poorest rated article. I don’t know whether this writer was given some minutes to stop work. There is a complete pitfall and a sneer suspicion of this writer’s educational background. A total irrelevant argument, which contains major error in reasoning. She is understandably an angry sympathizer of a political party who is not ready for reformation. Please excuse me

  35. Brave said

    The writer of this article is stupid and level headed.

  36. Messiah said

    If you really know the existence of Almighty God you would not have wasted time writting what you wrote.

  37. D Kumah said

    I guess the original writer of the article is a total ignoramus. Or is he just a mischievous liar?
    His whole analysis of the crusades vis-a-vis the subject under discussion is not only childish, it si totally nonsensical.
    First, his stats are wrong. The last credible population census in ghana puts christians at over 69% of the population, muslims almost 15% and that leaves 14% for all other faiths.
    But someone tell me – what do we want – a president that worships idols, goes to shrines where human sacrifices are the norm or we want one that fears the almighty god and has faith in his son jesus christ?
    Enough of this nonsense.

  38. Prof Lungu said


    “… He is not tasked to add parts that he considers important in his personal life. The Ten commandments of Christianity must be left at the door of his house…”

    Prof Lungu’s Comment:

  39. May I, please, ask Mr Casely-Hayford to make himself a little bit clearer to let the reading public fully understand his statement that Atta-Mills sound like a crusader. If by the demonstration of one’s honesty and genuine concern for the pligth of the poor in society one succeeds in convincing more and more members of one’s society to accept that religion of one’s up-bringing without intimidation and violence somebody would just want to criticise that person, I would ask the person critising to think! One thing we all know is that there are many religions in Ghana, but one fact we fail to uphold is that Ghanaians give utmost respect to honest men and women irrespective of their religion. We want to have leaders who can be trsuted to lead the war against poverty, without amassing wealth for themselves and their families as well as putting their hometowns and tribes first in terms of development. There is no problem of co-existence between different religious groups in Ghana. If it exist at all then it can hardly be compared with the situation in countries like Nigeria, India etc, so, please, don’t promote it. We have been peacefully enjoying our unique UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

  40. Pelicles said

    Mills is basically clueless. Let him pray 24/7 and God will never come and solve our problems for us. Mills was not elected to lead Ghanaians in praying or tell us who, what and where is God. Ghanaians gave him the mandate to become president because during the campaign, he said he is the best candidate to solve the country!s ills. Will Mills be president today if he told Ghanaians that he is going to lead us in praying during the campaign? Four years from now, we will all know where Ghana is heading.

  41. Fofo said

    Mills is not linking any church with the State. He is Religious as most Africans are. You want to go Nicolo de Machiavelli´s way? Can you see the difference between the US and Europe in terms of religon and State? Leave him o practice his faith as he runs the Nation. Mills is not calling on Ghanaians to change their faith so your argument if FALLS FLAT! Come with something better next time. Bye!

  42. nobody can fault the president by practicing his faith. but to say if he has his way the whole country will be turn prayers is somehow bad

  43. Yaa said

    Sydney, this is sound advice and an insightful piece. I believe that it is important that a ruler is able to seperate the body politic from religion. Religious beliefs inform moral values and any human being is free to make informed choices. However to make it an issue of State is another matter and a delicate one at that. As you rightly put it what about those who have other beliefs, is that to say they do not matter? It will do the President well to consider this article and the sound advice it offers.

  44. In every house in Ghana there are the UAC folks, United Abayifuo Company, so all we need is the Word of God to drive them away to melt like ice cream. Only the Blood of Jesus Christ and nothing else. In Islam too there are Abayifuo ask the Zongolese or see how dark the zongos are, just ask the Imam, and he will tell you that yes we need prayer camps in Ghana and they will all flee or Convert to give us peace to enjoy Ghana. The funeral celebrations are a party for the Abayifuo. If the elephant falls down every animal can hit it , so if a person dies every bayifuo can take what ever they want. God Let me speak again and again to glorify your Name, Rastafari.

  45. Kojo Smith said

    factual error! Christians form over 60% of Ghana’s population!!!

  46. Sly said

    The Writer is certainly the devil himself with mark 666. This guy is throwing alot of false statistics and misleading factual information. Who told Casely that christains are 30% of all religious groups. Get it once and for all, Ghana is a christain Country. And who said separation of church and state mean a stting president cannot proclaim his faith and urge other to serve God faithfully. Or a christain cannot ask a muslim or hindu or a buddhist for that matter to pray for god’s guidance and wisdom for him. Is the sitting president immuned from making such request? I’m a staunch NPP supporter, but the sitting president, my president has not erred at all. For that reason, Casely-Hayford is the worse person in the world!!!!!!!!!

  47. Bennett said

    How can any reasonable person write such an article? There is religion in everyone but fearing God but no man should be the ultimate. Should he satisfy your deranged and ingrained misconception about religion and the state? Is there any constitutional inhibition to his religious affiliation? The existence and progress of the US was because their forefathers nurtured the nation with bible-biased constitution. Have you seen what is happening to them now? do you know why? because they are forgeting God! PLS, freeze yourself in ice and resurface in the next century, maybe then, nobody will ever think about the existence of God!

  48. Pelicles said

    ennett, can you tell me the history of the US and how that country came into being? You wrote that, their forefathers nurtured the nation with bible-biased constitution. So, my question to you is, It is God who told the Irish in 1600 to go and kill all the natives in that part of the world and take over the land or what?
    You can call me whatever name you like but, God should not be imposed on anyone. Mills can pray 24/7 but should keep that to himself.

  49. I think you were making sense until you said Christians make 30% of the religious group in Ghana. Who gave you that result?

  50. Kwaku Boye said

    30% of Christians in Ghana? Wow, where did you get that? Your piece is not helping you either. Mr Progressive Hayford, I hope you will not be calling for a ban on public and school prayers

  51. Get a copy of Richard Dawkins book-The God Delusion. I Think it should be a required reading for President Mills and Co.This Professor has not achieved anything substantial. With his academic background and a product of Stanford he could not transform this wealth of knowledge into wealth creation. Ghana to have voted for this religious fanatic is economically doomed for ever. Too much religion will hamper the progress of a nation. Look around the whole world, countries with too much religion are poor and Ghana included. I do not believe that Atta Mills has put up single building in his hometown.

  52. Pee said

    If obama is to devote his time preaching the word of the gospel,what time will he have to take up matters needed to be addressed in the interst of american! After all we have many church ministers in ghana,the real and the quack,we dont need another ”pope”in ghana.,he was voted to run yhe economic and polictal issues concerning ghanaians!its about time his advisers reminded him of his job description!!!

  53. Candy said

    Very clear article, it would interesting to see what others think in view of the unrest in those religious countries, unless that is what the President has in mind for Ghana.

  54. This article was brought to my attention by one of my staff. I am not sure what the writers point is however I have never directly or indirectly tried to impose my religious belief on the good people of Ghana. I am a christian and the constitution allows me (and any public officer) to practice me religion freely. I do not get involve in the ordination of pastors, bishops or cardinals. I have people of all faith in my cabinet. As a christian, there is nothing wrong in asking for Gods wisdom and divine guidians in performing my duty as a President. So sir, what is your point?

  55. President Mills
    You have indeed imposed your religious belief on the people of Ghana by declaring a day of prayer in the nation’s calendar. Yes, the constitution allows you and every Ghanaian to practice their religion freely, but it does not allow individual to impose their religion on others. Business owners who do not believe in prayers or are not religious, will find your day of prayer disturbing because it will affect productivity and their bottom line.
    Holding prayer camps in the castle is all well and good but it should not interfere with what we the people sent you there to do. We could have elected one of the so called bishops to lead the country if the country needed moral leadership.
    By the way, why are you hunkered down in the castle with virtually no public appearances? Since your inauguration, you have made the castle your fortress venturing out very rarely. To lead effectively, we the people must see you, touch you, and feel your presence. Hiding in the castle does not inject confidence into the people who voted for you to lead them.

  56. “You have indeed imposed your religious belief on the people of Ghana by declaring a day of prayer in the nation’s calendar”

    Day of prayer is for all faiths. There is no where in the declaration did I try to promote a specific religion.

    “Business owners who do not believe in prayers or are not religious, will find your day of prayer disturbing because it will affect productivity and their bottom line.”

    This business men/women should then know that we are a country of faith and define the good life not just on productivity but also with our relationship with God. This so call business men or unbelievers should respect our faith.

  57. S T Awe said

    The separation of religion and state does not mean the President can not profess his faith in public.We live and breath religion,it shapes our lives;we are what we are because of our believes.A gun in the hand of a good citizen is a good thing but in the hand of a criminal is not.What you are attempting to do is to shut down people you disagree with.The concept of separation of church and state is an old ploy used to silence people of faith.Good try old boy.

  58. Oh well, Sydney is entitled to his own opinion. In any case, The ten commandments is a part of Judeo-Christian culture not Christianity alone(true Christianity even is not defined by the ten commandments but by the resurrection, the doctrine of LOVE, that is the NEW TESTAMENT/COVENANT). For your information Mr. Hayford, I don’t think President Mills has declared a theocracy has he? He is, as you are, free to choose whatever views he pleases. He has neither used the ten commandments in state affairs nor has he replaced the constitution in his dealings. He is free to be guided by them in his capacity as president. Afterall he did not swear by the constitution to uphold it but by the bible. Your feeble worldly arguments are only for blind people who cannot stand the light of Christ. You are free to enjoy your darkness as he is to enjoy his light.

  59. Yes,there is an absolute need for separation of church and state but no religion is without its “sins”, so to speak. Islam also had its crusades in history – in fact, history that is our ancestral history.
    The ancient empire of Ghana (790-1076) located roughly in the area of what is now southeastern Mauritania, and Western Mali was the target of a fatal “jihad” (Islamic version of the crusade) by invader berbers known as Al- Moravids. The Akan people of Ghana (Asante, Fantse, Nzema…) and the Ivory Coast (Baoule) comprise some the remnants of groups that fled the collapse of the empire and the brutal rule and forced islamic conversions of the Almoravids – an evil that has been perpetrated all over North Africa and ongoing in Darfur.
    As Osagyefo wrote and is paraphrased here, “both Islam and Christianity destroyed the traditional face of Africa”. Both Christianity and Islam actively participated and often collaborated in the slave trade. All religions have noble ideals and aspirations but no religion is without its sins. The crusade was not unique to Christianity!

  60. Tante said

    How do you know that you will not be burned at the stake for this article

  61. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That I don’t mind; but when you start recalling HISTORY quoting statistics YOU’D BETTER BE RIGHT. What is the source of your 30% Christians in Ghana info? The last I checked Christians in Ghana formed between 60% and 70%. Don’t let such ‘little big things’ otherwise discredit a good article!

  62. RaiulBaztepo said

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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