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Drowning in Filth

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 20, 2009

My seven year-old son gave the idea for this column two weeks ago. We were driving round Accra when he suddenly asked, with an edge to his voice “Why is Ghana so full of garbage?”  As I pondered his question, through the car window, I could see so many well-dressed ladies and gentlemen, picking their way through and round piles of garbage, to board tro-tros, taxis and buses on their way to and from places. Garbage, human excreta, stench—– these are problems that should engage the attention of all serious Ghanaians. These problems are apolitical. They defy ethnicity.  I am sure that over the last 24 hours, nearly everyone who is healthy has pissed and/or pooped and generated some garbage. It is a problem whose depth and breadth defies political sloganeering.

By Arthur Kobina Kennedy


One Response to “Drowning in Filth”

  1. I thought ET Mensah said he would have the streets of Accra clean within 4 weeks after they came to power? What happened?

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