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Kufuor to Mills: Take your Chrysler

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 20, 2009

There is a reason why the German manufacturers of BMW market the luxury vehicle as the “ultimate driving machine”.  Their message is simple: if you are not driving a BMW, you could as well be trudging along or riding on a chariot with square tyres. Like most of us, former President Kufuor knows that there is no car like a BMW – not to mention a custom-made, armoured BMW, ‘pimped’ up to set the president of an impoverished African country apart from his followers.  This might explain why he was clinging to a fleet of three luxury BMW sedans he supposedly bought for the state. How and why the cars got into his personal garage, he – and only he – can tell. But I assume that when he ordered for the cars in his last few months in office he had every intention of making them his own at the end of his tenure.  Little did he know that his party was going to be kicked out of power. If it had even crossed his mind that his party will not stay in power forever, he would have taken appropriate steps to ensure that his garage was turned into a mini-BMW showroom. Well, he just wasn’t perceptive enough. And he was complacent. With such complacency, he failed to employ the necessary constitutional provisions to make sure that the BMWs were securely ‘entrenched’ in his garage – probably needing a national referendum to be taken out.

By Ato Kwamena Dadzie


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