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What has God got to do with this?

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 20, 2009

I wonder why the Black race believes that God will still do everything that they are supposed to do for themselves. I believe that the Almighty God created the human race with a lot of capabilities to think, do and undo things for ourselves. The other races, we all know, are using their heads to think and build their society, but not the Black race. Blacks pray to God more than any known human race, but still the Black race is the least developed in the word as at now. But they never bothered to ask themselves this simple question, why?  The developed countries worship God the least, yet they respect and obey their countries’ laws and regulations than the Black race.

By Nash

2 Responses to “What has God got to do with this?”

  1. Wow! I couldn’t agree with you more, I think black people have lost the plot.
    I live in the UK where hardly any body spends Sundays going to church, except black people, yet they are the poorer. Please send a copy of this message to the presedent of Ghana, because the country will be going nowhere with this attitude. sometimes I think we should contract the whiteman to come and manage our country for a fee. Africans are incapable of managing their own counties. Can you name any country that has been managed successfully? not even Nigeria with all that oil revenue, and look at Zimbabwe which is a disgrace to the black race. I tell the South Africans that they are lucky. so much for that

  2. I’m not sure what your comment have to do with worshipping God. The fact that blacks worship Him more and yet is less advanced and less developed has no indication on the fact that they spend too much time worshipping God.

    The fact of the matter is that, whites for example are not wicked thinking like the black man. The black man is always thinking about him or herself and how to cut down another to get ahead. The white man is always participating in activities such as donation to many institutions that help the poor and homeless or the sick. How many of us blacks do that. The white man raises his/her child to give to other causes. However, the black man teaches his/her child to make sure they are top or ahead of everyone. Corruption is the black man’s game (that’s not to say corruption is not a white man’s thing) but it is prevelant in the black community.

    While we pray, let’s also endeavor to act more like a people of God doing what we can for nature and mankind. Don’t forget the bible says, if yu do it for least of these you have done it for me.

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