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Pastor Uses Manhood In Deliverance

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 21, 2009

The activity of a self-styled man of God has thrown the Dangme East and parts of the Dangme West districts into a state of fear. The pastor, who is said to have claimed that his manhood has been anointed to solve the problems of women, goes into bed with them as his way of liberating the unsuspecting women from demons.


2 Responses to “Pastor Uses Manhood In Deliverance”

  1. This generation seeks signs to believe in the Lord and only the signs of jonah will be given. All these are mentioned in the Good Book- The Bible, about false prophets, and yet people fall for such scams.
    Dear Lord, have MERCY, have Mercy, have Mercy.

  2. Babe Gette said

    Is this Pastor for real? This is sexual abuse, total abuse of power, breach of trust and manipulation of vulnerable women. He ought to be castrated. What is his justification for conning these women? They will all have to undergo counselling and HIV tests, not to mention tests for other STDs. Shame on this disgraceful guy!!

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