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Is President Mills losing it already?

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 22, 2009

It was very worrying to hear President Mills re-echoing the fact that he is the elected President of the Republic of Ghana and that there can be only one President at a time.

It reminds of men who often tell their wives that I am your husband and the man of the house. Hmm! Once these statements starts coming out, it denotes a state of lack of control or loosing total command and authority. Renowned counsellors will tell you that once leaders start to verbally reiterate the fact that they are the ones in control that clearly demonstrates signs of ‘cracking up’ in power.

I would have been very happy if President Mills had not gone that far to remind Ghanaians that he is the elected President and that there could be one President at a time. I desperately feel for the President for one or two reasons.

First of all, I think there are many who are still not convinced of the ‘Rawlings-factor’ the influences from within. It is written that a man’s enemies are those from his own household. I am not suggesting that the former President is an enemy but recent public pronouncements about the pace with which President Mills is expediting action on perceived political opponents doesn’t help their relationship isn’t? .I think President Mills faces an up-hill task to re-brand the image of the NDC by trying to make it a bit more diplomatic in its mundis operandis. I personally think if care is not taken, President Mills might fall out with former President Rawlings publicly before his tenure comes to an end. This will certainly result from the former trying to show the whole world that he is his own man and Rawlings persistently breeding on his neck with how he thinks his political opponents should be treated. Certainly you don’t need to be a prophet to know that the two men have different views on how to deal with political opponent. Whilst President Mills is the very diplomatic type, President Rawlings is the ‘buga buga’ type.

By Kweku Objective


One Response to “Is President Mills losing it already?”

  1. A product that sells good does no longer need to be advertised as it used to at the initial stage.For the president to re-echo the fact that he is the president is ab admission of the fact that the good people of Ghana do not recognize him as the president.The question that follows is that ‘why is he not recognized’?
    The answer is simple-The work of the good professor does not measure up to standard.It doesn’t merit the position of a president, therefore there is the need for more promotion and advertisement.

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