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From Kweku to Ato Kwamena, a courteous letter

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 24, 2009

I have been reading a lot of articles from Ato Kwamena Dadzie for quite some time. First of all let me commend all frequent web bloggers for the good work in taking time to write in order to inform and educate Ghanaians both at home and abroad on pertinent issues bordering on national developments. Also I think all our web media centres are doing a great job as well. Kudos.

By Kweku Objective


4 Responses to “From Kweku to Ato Kwamena, a courteous letter”

  1. Joyce said

    I agree with you. Ato is an interesting fellow but sometimes, some of his comments are rather scathing. I listen to him every day on Joy FM. I think he would be more interesting if he takes away some of the excesses. By the way, Ato, say hello to Esi

  2. Excellent comments. Hope Ato will take your comments at face value and not as if you were castigating him. Our people need to remember our values, ethics, and culture. I understand most people want to learn from the Western world and it’s good to do so. However, we need to take the good and denounce the bad. Becoming like a tabloid (who only tell filthy non-truths) is terrible and often defame people. Let’s set a good example, be the people with and of respect and let other countries learn from us and not the other way around.

    A word to the wise is indeed enough.

  3. Araba Atta said

    Well said, Kweku. I totally agree with you.

  4. This man is not objective why did he not advice Ato when he did that on numerous ocassions to president Kufuor? He has also raised ethnic connotations. Is he saying that becos Ato is Fante as he and Pres Mill he shouldn’t write bad tings abt him? Shame on him, he is the opposite of objective

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