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Ashantis And Ewes Are Not Enemies, Bishop Lodonu

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 25, 2009

Contrary to the perception that Ashantis and Ewes are enemies, the Catholic Bishop of the Ho Diocese, Most Reverend Kofi Anani Lodonu, thinks otherwise; he says Ashantis and Ewes are great friends.

Bishop Lodonu spoke to the Daily Dispatch after expressing his view on the hostilities that characterized and nearly marred the 2008 Presidential and the Parliamentary elections at a meeting with political parties and other stakeholders in Ho with the intention to review the last elections in order to improve on the organisation of future elections.

He described as unfortunate, the horrible incidents and utterances that characterized the elections making the whole atmosphere charged, putting the entire country in a state of panic and fear amidst the NDC and NPP accusing each other and the Ashanti and the Volta regions at the centre stage.


5 Responses to “Ashantis And Ewes Are Not Enemies, Bishop Lodonu”

  1. Mamsarpong said

    we are and will continue to be enemies with EWEWS. u people are too inward looking.

  2. Where were you when Rawlings targeted Akans in general and Asantes in particular for destruction during his 20 year gun-rule. And lately when he told Ewes that NPP is Asante and Akyem party so no Ewe should vote for NPP. Why didn’t you speak out against such utterances from a so-called former head of state.

    If you’re not aware, the enmity betwn the two is the result of Ewe’s hatred and envy about everthing progressive about Asante. All Ewes for some unknown reason believed and still believe that Katakyie Akwasi Amankwaa Afrifa had a hand in the coup that had Kotoka killed. This belief coupled with their own sense of insecurity see Asante as enemy and have since then soght government power for Asante destruction. What they forget is that Asante Kingdom existed long before Ewes were given the chance to join Ghana in that UN plebicite for political reasons.
    Do you remember a so-called president going on national TV to warn Ghanaians not to by Apino Soap then being made by Appia Menka. Just like his admonition for Ewes not to vote for NPP, the whole Ewe population was silent on this rogue utterances. In case you’re aware before rawlings uninvitedly gunned his way to intimidate Ghana there was not this level of enmity between the two.

  3. I am very proud of the writer Bishop Lodonu. As an Ashanti who has relations from and schooled (to be precise Bishop Herman College, and Bishop Lodonu was once a student at Behico) in the Volta region, I believe the bishop has set a pace that every peace loving Ghanaian has to follow.

    There are so many of us who share the views of the bishop, so we should come together to condemn some of our politicians who are breeding tribal sentiments for their selfish political gains. People have lost their jobs, have been beaten and killed because of their political or tribal affiliation. We just need to tolerate and respect each tribe and their values. Those who have no values and therefore nothing to lose support these tribal politics going on. Unfortunately only a few noble and forward thinking statesmen like Bishop Lodonu go into Ghanaian politics. It is time Ghanaians began to vote for political leaders based on their credential, character and ability to deliver.

    If the political atmosphere was that bad as today, my good friend Sammy Tamakloe’s father would have thought twice before settling in Kumasi, and my dear father might have prevented me from attending the great Behico for fear for my life.

    Fellow patriotic Ghanaians, let us save our country from the hands of a few greedy, angry and backward thinking politicians and focus on our socioeconomic development. Together we can make it. YES WE CAN.

  4. I hope recent politicians are listening to this important message. I think the various religious and ethnic leaders should go back to their table and criticised massively any politician who tries to use ethnic division to gain political points.

  5. This is one of the most significant statements in our mordern times. I bleieve in the statement and think that every level minded Ghanaian should ponder on the statement and make an effort to reconcile with each other no matter what our politicians say about each other. Those who incite these tribal animousity must be brought to justice. If the constitition does not deal with such matters an amendment should be made to give the law enforcement agencies the power to deal with TRIBALISM.

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