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Do we need archivists in Ghana?

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 25, 2009

People react to opinion polls in different ways. While some people accept the findings as the gospel truth, others scrutinize them (the polls) and give reasons why the findings should be taken with a pinch of salt.

In fact, issues such as the size of the sample, the method used to collect the data, how the data was analyzed and whether the population in question was representative are very critical to the credibility of polls.

I conducted a poll recently on the importance of archivists. I must admit that my poll fell short of some necessary requirements. It would therefore be unfair on my part to conclude that many people do not see the need to engage the services of archivists. However, I wish to comment on some of the responses I got from the questionnaire which I administered.


One Response to “Do we need archivists in Ghana?”

  1. I have video-taped a very recent Documentary on Acient Documents being restored for archiving in TIMBUCTU.
    It is reckoned to contain and reveal muchof the seemingly lost history of Africa, including our Ancient GHANA EMPIRE. I FEEL TOO EXCITED ABOUT THE PROJECT. I am perfectly willing to share this information with any genuine Institution with proper FUNDING, willing to research into this information. My address is :[] and . This is the time to show interest in Restoring our African History. I am also suggesting a GROUP to project the importance of Archiving what we can find now; we have lost a lot already.

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