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Pastor Uses Manhood In Deliverance

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 26, 2009

The activity of a self-styled man of God has thrown the Dangme East and parts of the Dangme West districts into a state of fear. The pastor, who is said to have claimed that his manhood has been anointed to solve the problems of women, goes into bed with them as his way of liberating the unsuspecting women from demons.


One Response to “Pastor Uses Manhood In Deliverance”

  1. Women are the most incongruous (strange) creatures God created. Why any woman (educated or not) will believe in such nonsense and subject themselves to this ridicule and falsehood is beyond me. If you read the bible, you will know and understand when a so-called minister is leading you astray. Didn’t the bible say “an ye shall know them by their fruit”? Be vigilant, careful, and choose your associations well. God has given us the power to pray and be heard through the name of Jesus. We do not need another to pray for us for our prayers to be answered. If a so-called man of God is asking you to bring items or sacrifice something that is an abomination to God, you should know right away that that man is a false prophet. My sisters, learn to understand the word of God and understand how the enemy uses it to incarcerate us. The bible talks about fornication and adultery-why then do you a married woman think you should fornicate or commit adultery with a so-called minister of God. Does this sound right to you? Use the brains God has given you wisely and there is nothing wrong in telling that so-called man of God that they need deliverance and turn around and put your hands on their heads and pray for them. This man indeed needs deliverance more than you.

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