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The chilling story of a Tamale mother Butchered & left for dead

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 27, 2009

Her home was being burnt down. Scores of armed men were pouring petrol everywhere, smashing the skulls of dogs. She ran 400 yards down the road to flee from a machete-wielding mob, who were firing gunshots behind. They chased her to a neighbour’s room. Pulled her down the wardrobe and started hacking her, aiming to split her skull, which she protected with her arms. They butchered her arms like a cow’s thigh on a butcher’s table.
Slashed her legs as she sought to escape. Leaving her for dead, as blood splashed all over her attackers, one inserted a metal bar inside her private parts, swearing his stars for not having the privacy to cause more sexual damage.

This is the story of Sadia Seidu, a victim of the recent clashes in Tamale, who is currently receiving treatment at the 37 Military Hospital.

2 Responses to “The chilling story of a Tamale mother Butchered & left for dead”

  1. I hope the Holier Than Thou NDC government will not look the other way but bring the culprits to book. The Andanis and NDC hoodlums are having a field day, visiting mayhem on their political opponents. Let Atta Mills walk the talk.

  2. Kwadwo said

    What are the Police doing about this and the law enforcers, God what is happening. I will like to appeal to the Minister of interior and Atorney General to take action on this case.

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