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Former speaker owes Ghana over $300,000

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 30, 2009

An inventory of the items suspected to have been taken away by the former Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ebenezer Begyina Sekyi-Hughes, when he vacated his government approved residence has revealed an interim loss of close to 4 billion old cedis or an esimated over $300, 000 to the state. The document, made available to Citi News, indicates that the cost is minus some items yet to be costed including beds and mattresses purchased for the residency and rooms and imported items icluding furniture, hand-wooven carpets and rugs. Citi News sources in Parliament reveal that a generator that was taken away by the former Speaker has, however, been returned.


2 Responses to “Former speaker owes Ghana over $300,000”

  1. De Capo said

    Plain theft – for a lawyer ought to know better – perhaps thought he’d get away with it!

  2. It is only in our poor countries in Africa that people have to move to official homes because of their positions. What kind of nonsense is this. Bush left the whitehouse and paid for his own transportation out and house. Obama moved in and paid to move his own things. Only the president enjoys living in the whitehouse for free. Everybody else rents their own place in Washington. It baffles me that these people suppossedly serving the country will be bickering over pillow cases. What kind of country do we live in? Shame to NPP, shame to NDC. Get back to the work the people elected you for.

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