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Michael Essien launches website

Posted by Business in Ghana on March 30, 2009

The sensation Chelsea and Ghana super star Michael Essien has launched an official website to get him closer to his numerous fans both home and abroad.

The website was launched on Tuesday 24 March at England before he enplaned to Ghana for the Benin encounter for the World and Africa Cup qualifications respectively. The “bull” as he is affectionately call because of his strength and resilience has been described as media phobic hopes to use the website to share more with the fans. “This website was opened to draw my fans closer to me, we will share more when they log on and will get any information about me,” he said.


2 Responses to “Michael Essien launches website”

  1. Thanks goes to Essien for making Ghanaians proud when it comes to football. Creating the WEBSITE is not difficult than updating it hourly, daily, and also monthly. Keep it up. Long live and may GOD bless you more.

  2. Its nice to know he created a website.Its also wonderful he recovered from his injury to make it for the Ghana Benin match. God has really blessed him.

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