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Ghana Has An Interim Female President!

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 1, 2009

President John Mills has been replaced by Mrs. Agyeman Konadu –Rawlings. Is he a victim of tribal cleansing?

THERE HAS BEEN A CHANGE IN the Presidency in Ghana today. The news report has confirmed that President John Evans Atta Mills is going abroad to seek medical care, and therefore he is on medical leave, indefinitely. He has been replaced by Mrs. Agyeman –Konadu Rawlings this morning. She is going to finish up the rest of his term in office. Though, the Ghanaian constitution allows the vice- president John D .Mahama to replace the president in case of any eventuality, the NDC honchos think Mrs. Rawlings will do a better job, to steer the wheels of the nation. The NDC party’s insiders also believe that her presidency will divert the nation’s attention from her husband JJ, who doesn’t have much love among the Ashantis.

By Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi, NJ, USA


28 Responses to “Ghana Has An Interim Female President!”

  1. Agyeman konadu as interim president. April foooooooooooooooooooooooooooollll.

  2. i wish her all da best and to mills i wish him a speedery recovery1? ‘Mu tiri so wati’?


  4. I do not think this is funny at all, the govenment of ghana is serious business. i will stop subscription to this service becasue of this. thank u.


  6. You know, first I thought, no way…what about the Vice President? The something said, as long as JJ is around barking and howling at Prof. everything is possible…with NDC. If P.V. Obeng got his grove back, why not Konadu? My blood pressure shot, and I have to drink 10 bottles of chilled Dasani staright before i could flush the joke out of my system. The only ridiculous part that diffuse my sense of regret was the Ashanti Stuff..that was too to basic.

    You indeed got me April-Fooled..

  7. Michael said

    That is a real one Buddy, You really nailed it and smoked it………..

    I betcha!

  8. Fyd said

    it is not funny

  9. this is not funny. this is very stupid. do not play with your government this way.

  10. Ayisha said

    I knew from the begining that this was April fool so I was not fooled. However, I wish the Rawlings can be in power again. I love them.

  11. Nana Adwoa said

    wow you really got me…i was so mad i didn’t know what to do next…i immediately called my parents back home to inquire why these fools are basically having access to ‘flushing’ our country down the drain. And you know I promised myself that I wasn’t going to let anyone jinx me today since it was April Fool’s day. Man! you got me good. Thank God it’s not true!!!!!

  12. Baba said

    i think she can perform the task more effectively and effeciently than the men ,i wish its was truth but april fool

  13. Ama said

    if this is april fool, then u got me

  14. Tafiakwa-God forbid

  15. Beryl said

    I can’t believe you will stoop this low just for an April Fool’s Day prank. I knew there was something wrong with this new item as soon as I started reading it. For starters, you got the name wrong – it is Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings and not Mrs. Agyemang-Konadu Rawlings. Also, your reason for her being appointed does not jive with the constitution. Remember Ghana is a democratic nation now and we go by the laid down rules. In this day and age when the image of Africa has been tarnished abroad, I expect a paper like yours to do much much better. There are people who will not read just the beginning portion of the article and say, well this is Africa, what did you expect, thereby solidifying their misconception about our great continent. Use your newpaper to promote the continent and not to play pranks. This is not high school!

  16. Beryl said

    Do you want to give people heart attack? Right after I read the first paragraph, I called a friend, and asked, if he had heard any news from home. I began to tell him, and he said this must be a joke, so I scrolled down and behold you got me alright.

    Thank you for a good one.

  17. I knew it was a joke before I got past the first two lines! Nice try

  18. Idiot. The man is already sick. This is not something to have fun with. Use something less sensitive next time.

  19. Hey! you don’t break people’s heart like that. you know what for a second i thought it was true and i called friends until i finish the story to realise it was an April fool.

  20. Wow! That was GREAT Mr Adu-Gyamfi! But i think this idea has been circling through the head of the Rawlingses.
    I really think it is a very intelligent April gaggle!

  21. Please don’t ever play that game again!! I LOVE my country so much I was about curse all YOU FOOLS (presumably) back home before I hit the roof over my head…But now well?Thank God you are NUTS yourself!!!!!!!!!

  22. paa kwesi said

    i love it but you didn’t get me. oh no. i knew it was april fool day

  23. Reke said

    I swear you got me good.I was about to leave the library and call my parents from my cell phone not even thing abot my monthly
    wow thats a good one

  24. Oh, Ghana…never a dull moment these days! “Politics makes for strange bedfellows.”, as the saying goes. God, please pray for us. Pigs would be a diaster for the country. They are dirty, cause infection and create havoc…What are we thinking about at home?

  25. Shaqmoo said

    april indeed.

  26. naa said

    Naaah, dats waaaky jokes.nt ma cup of tea.

  27. Ossoodee said

    I predicted this when Mills became the president. Unless someone kills the bastard He will keep manipulating the the country.

    Editor’s note:
    He didn’t get to the end of the story.

  28. kim said

    you have hit the nail rightly on it’s head, that is exactly want ndc wants to do if it can. but the people of ghana would resist that.god help ghana and and the idoit victor smith.

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