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Obama Gives Green Light to Immigration Reform

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 1, 2009

Will Comprehensive Immigration Reform be passed by Congress and signed into law in 2009? The answer to this question seems to depend on who you are listening to. On March 18, President Obama met with the Hispanic Caucus about immigration reform. What did he say? “The president said more than any of us expected him to say,” said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill. “He was clear, eloquent and determined in letting us know that we’re all together on the route to comprehensive immigration reform.” House Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Xavier Becerra (D-CA) said, “The signal was clear to Congress that we can be instrumental in getting things going. Now, from the practical side, the question is, How do we set the table to move this forward?”

By Shusterman Immigration Law Group


One Response to “Obama Gives Green Light to Immigration Reform”

  1. Barak is the reality of the American dream and it is his duty to make that dream a reality for all who can take advantage of the imigration laws without fear or hindrance.

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