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The mansion Kufuor built

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 1, 2009

If we take former president John Kufuor to one of those ‘aladura’ churches, one of the first demons they will cast out of him will be the demon which made him place his luxury and comfort above the basic needs of the people he governed. It is this demon that made him decide that it was more prudent for him to spend millions of dollars to build a presidential mansion when that money could have been used to renovate and equip the most important health facility in the country.

Just imagine what 60 million dollars would have done for the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. Pregnant and lactating mothers wouldn’t be lying on the bare floors. Husbands wouldn’t be forced to carry their pregnant wives to climb stairs because of malfunctioning lifts. All the regular announcements we often hear about the closure of the emergency ward would be a thing of the past. There will be no need for footballers who get injured on pitches in Ghana to travel to Togo to have their bones scanned. Our politicians wouldn’t have to go and die in Johannesburg or London – usually after a short illness.

By Ato Kwamena Dadzie


2 Responses to “The mansion Kufuor built”

  1. Sarcasim is always FREE. I am still confornted with the short sighted efforts by Attah Miils not to use the presidential office. We cannot go and cry over spilt milk. we have to move forward (no punt intended) or better still change what we dont want. But to blatantly refuse to move in under the disguise that it is not completed is a bunch of bull.

  2. Rob Sack said

    Get real, bro. An extension of your argument would mean that the national theatre, conference centre, stadia, etc are all ” white elephants” and should not have been built until the last man in the country became rich, had a place to sleep,and classrooms to study, and so on. And applying the same argument internationally, almost every other gov’t would be at fault and be classified as ” vain and foolish”, according to your standards. This is because they have put up great edifices, far outspending and outclassing Kufuor’s, but still have “homeless” people on their streets, still have pooor jobless citizens, uneducated, and so on.
    Your arguments are not objective. You need to appreciate all side sof an issue before u cast abroad an opinion. Don’t let the sentimental overshadow intelligent objectivity. Every major project is undertaken on the basis of a cost- benefit analysis report. Have you bothered to check what the projected benefits are? Please, thsi country needs to move on from ” pettiness” in the name of journalism. Let’s not find heroism in destructive criticism, but let’s all resort to constructive criticism and give due respect to people who have served this nation, without partiality. “Nuff” said for now.

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