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Man Jailed 10 Years For Snatching A Handbag

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 14, 2009

A 20-year-old driver’s mate, Yaw Kwadwo Salifu, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in hard labour on his own plea for robbing a woman of her handbag. Police Chief Inspector Nana Amofa told the court presided over by Mr Eric Baah that, on March 28, 2009 at about 1700 hours the complainant who is a trader at the Kumasi Central Market was trailed by the accused when she was waiting to board a car home.


One Response to “Man Jailed 10 Years For Snatching A Handbag”

  1. Be careful of U.S. imitation policies regarding citizens, rights, police and sentencing. Hand bag stealing is not cause for 10 year prison sentence. It will not add to the betterment of Ghana, and will only add to the implosion of money to maintain his sentence. Ghana should consider a supervised volunteer program in which the young man does labor for the victim as compensation for the stress she endured. It is not a serious crime and he can become a better citizen—not through prison camp (disquised slave labor) but through hard work in the community for a short term–The punishment does not fit the crime.

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