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Welcome to the fold, Brother Rawlings

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 14, 2009

I find it healthy when a person reminds another person considered as a friend, that the friend is veering off-course. It is in the light of this that I find refreshing, the recent criticism of the performance of the President Mills’ administration by the ex-President, Flt Lt. JJ Rawlings. According to the news, the former President has made the following comments about the current government: That the pace of the President Mills’ government is too slow;
 That “there was a lot of mediocrity” in the selection of ministers by President Mills;
 That President Mills has “lost moral control” which has resulted in other people “dictating to him” and “calling the tune”;

That “things are going in the wrong direction”.

By Kwasi Adu

4 Responses to “Welcome to the fold, Brother Rawlings”

  1. Marlone said

    Why has he waited for that long to come out with his story while they have been requesting people to come out with their stories during the reconciliation days. If he really has proof of what he said then these people should be prosecuted.

  2. Joe said

    Kwasi Adu let sleeping dogs lie. You should be tried for treason. When you were chased by your Brother, where did you seek refuge? In the land of the exploiters and imperialists? We’re fed up with this silly leftist rhetoric. The PNP was not perfect but it was better than the reign of terror that you helped to unleash on Ghanaians

  3. Sadiq said

    What audacity! You removed a democratically elected government and proceeded to unleash a reign of terror on innocent citizens, and 28 years later you come talking as if you were a patriot. How sick.

  4. Otumfuo said

    For those of you who replied you are entitled to your opinion. Unfortunately I beleive you have missed the undertones of this piece. If Kwasi is such a fallen patriot, should be tried for treason or is such a criminal then also turn the finger on yourselves for throwing mud also. He clearly quoted a tangible reference, which implied that although he may have aided the rise of brother Rawlings by the time Mr. Rawlings began implementing his iron clutch on Ghana, as close as they were and as powerful as Rawlings was, they were prepared to advise him of his failings.

    Fortunately for Rawlings Politics is no longer so barbaric in Ghana, however if “Dr Mills” had taken Rawlings previous stance on allies Rawlings too would be running back to scotland to seek refuge from execution for the sake of his family.

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