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NPP tell JJ to go to court

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 20, 2009

THE NATIONAL Chairman of the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Peter Mac Manu, has challenged former President Rawlings to go to court if he has the evidence that former NPP ministers were thieves. “I can tell you that in our party, there are no thieves. If you claim you have evidence or proof, then proceed to court or other appropriate institutions to deal with this matter,’ he said.

Reacting to the former President’s claim that Ministers of the former NPP government were thieves, in an interview he granted this paper yesterday, Mr. Mac Manu urged Ghanaians to ignore Rawlings. According to him, the tendency in which politicians mount political platforms and castigate their political opponents on a wide range of issues without any evidence, only to later beat a retreat and apologise, just like it happened before the parliamentary vetting committee.


2 Responses to “NPP tell JJ to go to court”

  1. How can a man who recklessly and mercilessly pilfered the coffers of the people, not to mention the many he dastardly slaughtered, still be allowed to see the sun another day in Ghana? If JJ commited these atrocities in NIGERIA, he wouldn’t be around running his mouth, PERIOD!!! My God when will Ghanains EVER WAKE UP?

  2. Harold said

    How I wished this crook of Mac Manu gave this same piece of advice to his rotten foot soldiers and other goons in the party to stop demonizing ex-President Rawlings throughout the NPP’s 8-year misrule. Is Mac Manu now aware that it is not good to demonize a former President? Or because it is Kuffour, it is not good but if it is Rawlings, it is good. People without conscience and moral! Pheeewww!

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