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Some Things That Need To Change In Ghana’s Political Landscape

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 20, 2009


The fact that DCEs and MCEs are appointed is fundamentally flawed. Apart from the fact that it gives too many powers to the ruling government, and the President per se, it results in inefficiency because they become nothing but YES MEN and kowtow to the wishes and whims of the government to the disadvantage of the people they represent. In effect, the process disenfranchises the electorate. The citizens must be allowed to elect whom they want to manage their cities, districts and municipalities. The present system where the president/ruling party appoints the Mayors, DCEs, and MCEs is also fraught with corruption and open to manipulation. Some of these manipulations are playing in the present administration where citizens are being influenced to reject the president’s choice.

By Dr. Gabriel Ayisi


4 Responses to “Some Things That Need To Change In Ghana’s Political Landscape”

  1. As much as I agree with the writer on the above suggestions, I think that membership to the Council of State should NOT be for life. Imagine a situation where a sitting gov’t stuffs the Council with his cronies, or unqualified person(s)to be on the council life. What good would that be for the nation? There should be term limits, say eight years. However, if after the eight years an individual council member proves to be worthy of reappointment, that would be acceptable. There must be clear criteria for the appointments in the first place, and then criteria for assessing performance to warrant reappointment.

  2. Kofi Appia said

    Regional Ministers should also be elected instead of being appointed by a sitting president.

    We should also stop buying cars and providing fuel, housing, drivers and free phone services to parliamentarians. Just like all other workers in the country they should not be treated differently. If their salary level is the problem it should be increased and it is about time we dumped this colonial inheritance. The colonial masters instituted these perks using our resources and since independence no leader has been bold to stop these day light robery purely out of selfishness or as a means of dolling out favours to his supporters.

    Also, we need a proper constitution that has the cosent of all Ghanaians. What we have now(1992)is the handwork or rawlings and his criminal gang written to protect him and his swanes.

  3. Excellent ideas. Let us put pressure on the government to do thigs right. Let the people call for a referendum on these topics

  4. Jeremiah Addo-Twum said

    Let me lean my shoulder against the weight of this issue since it is a very critical issue which needs to be addressed if our democratic credentials as a sovereign state should gain more credence.

    Clearly,Ghana has set the expectations so high that we can’t afford to lowball some of the inner workings of our democracy.The only way forward is to improve the system and make it more accountable so that the “winner takes all concept” which creates a lot of acrimony and brews strong hatred could potentially be eliminated from our system.

    We have made a lot of noise about electing MDCEs but this argument becomes only palatable when you are in opposition and not the reverse case.Electing MDCEs will make both sides of the political divide more accountable to each other since there will always be the need to come out clean for fear of retribution from your opponent.

    If we are able to eliminate some of these seemingly “lucratic jobs” which makes it more attractive for people to go into politics with the sole aim of enriching themselves,then we’ll be attracting people who do want to serve their nation genuinely.

    Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills, I challenge you to step up to the plate and bequeath to Ghana a legacy of making the selection process of MDCEs more representative of the will of the people.It is obvious to even the uninitiated that you are a simple and modest person so please go ahead and do what will be good for mother Ghana.

    Let’s make our democracy a real good case study for all to follow.

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