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Using the Cocoa Bean Shell as Fuel

Posted by Business in Ghana on April 20, 2009

The following series of articles just demonstrate the lack of foresight in our ministries and with our politicians. That we have and have had cocoa beans and palm kernels and palm nuts, which we could have used to develop renewable fuel and energy for our country and yet we neither reach out to those who have the technology if we cannot do it ourselves, is simply poor judgment and lack of know-how in developing our country. These three stories tell it better than I can and hopefully it will send a message to our politicians to sit up and just think for a change.

By Sydney Casely-Hayford


5 Responses to “Using the Cocoa Bean Shell as Fuel”

  1. Joe said

    Sydney, dont insult people because you don’t know the amount of research that has been done on alternative sources of energy. There are a lot of research papers from students’ project work gathering dust on shelves in KNUST.
    I think Ghana did not take alternative sources of energy serious because we had cheap source of energy – hydro.

  2. The government of Ghana should read this and plan to get involved.

  3. Also the main ingredients in making sandpaper are alumina and buaxite both of which exist in plentiful amounts in Ghana. Why haven’t our minister of inductries encouraged the making of sandpaper in Ghana which can be exported all over the world to earn foreign exchange for the country, in addition to creating jobs and consequently increasing income levels and improvement in the standard of living of Ghanaians. Why do we continue to export them raw and help create employment opportunities for other countries except in our own economy? Our ministers must must be forward thinking to move the country forward.

  4. Good info:) hope to visit once more

  5. alumina said


    Using the Cocoa Bean Shell as Fuel « Business in Ghana

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