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BNI and Power of Arrest and NPPUSA

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

During the NPP rule, the BNI had power of arrest, but now NPP-USA is arguing that it does not, even though that power of arrest has not been exercised yet under NDC rule. Where were the NPPUSA people when Selormey was arrested by the BNI in 2001? Even though Mpiani was invited by the BNI and he went on his own accord, NPPUSA wants everybody to believe that he was arrested. Also serious investigations do not last for a minute, and therefore using the duration of the interrogation as a grievance is not justified. However, if it is true that he was interrogated without the presence of his lawyers, then that is illegal, but that is what we are being made to believe by the NPPs whereas BNI is claiming the opposite. NPPUSA is now calling for the heads of Alhaji Mubarak and James Agyenim -Boateng, but where were they during Dr. Anane’s scandal? NPPUSA should have prevailed upon Kufuor to put friendship aside and not to reappoint Dr. Anane. Where was NPPUSA when the same BNI dragged Tatsu Tsikata from a church service? Where was NPPUSA when Edzumadzie was bullying the citizenry with his politically backed powers? It was utterly wrong for former MPs of the NPP to throng the premises of the BNI. This is childish and shows disregard for the rule of law by people who are our legislators and are supposed to know the laws of the land. They are all behaving as if they have some skeletons in their closets and are afraid of their own shadows. We should stop acts that will polarize our political atmosphere.

Kwasi Asamoah


3 Responses to “BNI and Power of Arrest and NPPUSA”

  1. Our politicians need to respect themselves and the office they occupy.

  2. Kakabo said

    I don’t thiink NPPUSA even know what BNi is. They are ignorant. Leave them alone.

  3. Pamela Mawanda said

    I want to know if Dr dr. kwesi asamoah of Island hospital ghana. Has been in a car accident 2009?

    If so what hospital is he in please.
    This is very important as I wa sin touch with him and he was treating a refugee for me.
    I am in Australia so I am trying to find out how he is?

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