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Everything in Ghana is “basaa”

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

Sometimes, when the Western media put up bleeding news reports on Africa, we are quick to say that they are portraying the Continent in a negative light – but please pause and ask yourself when you last visited Ghana our Motherland!  For the purposes of this article, permit me to use the phrase ‘basaa’. After all, from the part of the Motherland where I hail, when everything is out of control, we say everything is ‘basaa’ and I would beg of readers to permit me to use that phrase because everything has been turned upside down in our country – everything has become ‘basaa’!

By Kojo Owusu-Mbire


One Response to “Everything in Ghana is “basaa””

  1. Last time I was in Accra was over 30 years ago, seems things have not changed a great deal, more traffic being the biggest change.

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