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Government announces fuel saving measures, CJA in Double Standards

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

Following upward adjustments in fuel prices on Friday June 5, 2009, Government has announced some measures aimed at reducing government’s spending on fuel for the Ministry’s Departments and Agencies (MDA’s).  According to details made available by Information Minister Zita Okaikoi, the measures will include a reduction in volume of the fuel allocated to the various MDA’s including Ministers and those who draw fuel from government’s depots. Government has also directed that all government vehicles are to be branded with the names of the owner –ministries departments and agencies. This measure among others, according to Zita Okaikoi, is aimed at checking the indiscriminate use of state vehicles that draw fuel from the state and ultimately help reduce the volume of fuel used by the MDA’s.


One Response to “Government announces fuel saving measures, CJA in Double Standards”

  1. Willie Z said

    Kwesi pratt should hit the road again and demonstrate and I wonder if its possible because half of its CJA members are in the current government

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