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KNUST Students, Wizardry and Crime

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

A spiritualist at Ejisu-Krapa near Kumasi, is in police custody accused of trial by ordeal after he allegedly burned the palms of a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, (KNUST).

The student, Andy Oppong-Danso was accused by another student of theft.


One Response to “KNUST Students, Wizardry and Crime”

  1. This is crazy but it brings into our attention the power of our culture. Dont get emotional and pre-judge the spiritualist for performing magic.
    If you lived in a rural community in Ghana, you know about the work of spiritualist when there is a theft in the family or the community. Many a time, people try to challenge thinking what they do is fake and they pay a price for it.
    We have to know that many of these young people of today want to have everything about new technology. Those who cannot afford do steal. You would be surprised to hear that many women steal even used panties of their friends and send them to their hometowns. Ask your friends who attended boarding schools and they will tell you stories. The guy who became a victim as a result of the theft realized that there was nothing he could do to retrieve these lost items and might have been advised to see the spiritualist.
    Consulting a spiritualist is based on one’s faith and belief that something positive or negative can happen depending on circumstance.
    My contention is that if the alleged thief was not binded with rope and he willingly accepted the challenge of the spiritualist to prove his innocence, why blame the latter? I suspect that they victim who lost those gadgets did visit the spiritualist with many of the friends and acquitances he suspected of thievery.
    If among all the people who went only one was pointed out, then there must be some truth in the spiritualist work.
    I know many readers are condemning me for responding this way because they are not thinking critically but with emotion. Truth is Truth. We need to wean ourselves of low level emotional analysis of issues and stop thinking that what we do in our culture is bad. In the West, many of the things they do spiritually have similarities to what we do in Africa. Do we condemn them? Why condemn our own.
    There are good things in African culture and we need to use them for our own progress.

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