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NDC thugs seize Tamale NHIS, NYEP office

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

Thugs suspected to be sympathizers of the ruling National Democratic Congress on Tuesday raided the offices of the National Health Insurance Authority and the National Youth Employment Programme in Tamale.

They allegedly assaulted the workers of the two offices, threw them out and locked the office premises.

It is not immediately known what reasons account for the attack and seizure.


3 Responses to “NDC thugs seize Tamale NHIS, NYEP office”

  1. Ewusi said

    WAA-LOOK,Ghanaians have not seen anything yet.We are going to cry maaa-maaa-maa.NDC would burn Ghana before the end of their four year term.

  2. Lagus said

    Ask the redeyed Nayina the regional minister.If he can be so arrogant as to walking out the regional police commander from a regesec meeting on spurious grounds which were entertained by the Interioir Minister Avoka,over and above the IGP who was ordered by the interior minister to transfer the police commander,then what more should we not expect from these thugs.Ask Nayina–He has the answers.

  3. Barnabas said

    If the Asailants are known to the officers who were doing their duties to the state, they must be arrested and prosecuted no matter their affiliation to any party or executive. These are illegal and unlawful acts that should be condemed. Such do not even deserve to serve Ghana in any capacity.

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