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NPP Gurus Face Arrest

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

THE GOVERNMENT of Ghana has frozen the constitutional rights of New Patriotic Party (NPP) gurus and former government officials to have legal representation when they are invited to national security facilities for interrogation.  Lawyers who followed, Frank Agyekum, former deputy Minister of Information and Sammy Crabbe, Greater Accra NPP chairman, ordered to report to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) for interrogation yesterday on separate cases were kicked out of the interrogation hall with an excuse that it was an ‘instruction from above’.  DAILY GUIDE gathered that Sammy Crabbe, who was invited through a phone call on Tuesday to report at the BNI, was threatened with arrest and detention because he insisted that he wanted to have his lawyer present during his interrogation.


2 Responses to “NPP Gurus Face Arrest”

  1. I think the NDC is going back to the old dirty politics that made Rawlings unpopular with certain Ghanaians.What I personally believe is the current president should work effectively based on the dictates of the Ghanaian constitution and not on the whims of some political megalomanians and in the process destroy his reputation. I know the NPP administration under JAK did certain things wrong and incriminating but the current government should act more maturely and not play by the rule of the jungle but by the law of civility.

  2. Rexford Dodoo said

    and how do u propose they do tht?
    When you are suspected of committing a crime u are first arrested and then its up to the court system to decide whether you are guilty or innocent so there is nothing wrong with what the government is doing. we elect officials to serve the country not to be kleptocrats wth impunity…GO NDC GO

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