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Piano prodigy from Ghana soaring in San Francisco

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

Thirteen-year-old Kofi Vordzorgbe sat at the piano, poised to play for the celebrities, dignitaries and heads of state who had come to Ghana in March 2007 to celebrate the nation’s 50 years of independence from British rule. Kofi, the son of a music teacher in Ghana, was introduced by singer and songwriter Stevie Wonder. As the strong-looking boy with the delicate hands began to play, the crowd went silent. Sitting in the audience was a pastor and former politician from San Francisco, a man who pledged to bring the prodigy from Ghana to the United States.


9 Responses to “Piano prodigy from Ghana soaring in San Francisco”

  1. Very inspiring and encouraging. Indeed, there must be other diamonds in the rough in Ghana and Africa as a whole. When I was in South Africa last year, two young sisters, ages 10 and 9 gave me a private performance of “You gonna love me” from the Dream Girls. I was stunned, but only had dreams of bringing them to America but not the financial means.

  2. Christina said

    WOW! I pray the Lord’s hand on this child. May his music bring glory and praise to His Maker.

    May the Lord be with you. May He bless you indeed, so that you will be a blessing unto others.

  3. Nyokopio said

    Good riddens: kofi should serve as an example to many youths in Ghana

  4. Bea said

    This was a terrific article. I wish there was more coverage on many many children and talents from our homeland There are lots and lots of children in Ghana that would love to get this kind of exposure if someone will give them a chance. Great article. Please publish more like this one.

  5. Adwoador said

    Very impressive. There are many more Kofi’s out there. Let’s reach out and tap these natural resources before they die out. God bless all who do.

  6. An-yoko said

    Africa has bred and continues to breed some very exceptionally talented people.

  7. very well written
    thank you

  8. Amoako said

    Its inpirational to hear of such a talent from my motherland. Wh knowshow many of him abound and yet undiscovered back here

  9. A Prodigy Indeed!

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