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The June 4 Purifying Fire Will

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 15, 2009

Blaze Till A Great And Strong Nation Is Built

But First let us set the records straight on: What June 4 Is Not

1. June 4 was not against the wealthy or the privileged. There were many wealthy and privileged people who were not touched by the fury of June 4

2. June 4 was not a mission of blind vengeance against people who did personal wrong things against us. Those who took advantage of the explosion and settled personal scores clearly fall short of its ideals and did not understand what the spirit of June was really about.

3. June 4 has never been about making all poor to become rich and every one equal. June 4 has never proclaimed as its goal the banishment of poverty from the land. What June 4 has done is to underscore the need for fairness, equity and the creation of opportunities such that all who truly aspire and apply themselves diligently and make a genuine endeavor can rise progressively out of the doldrums and show that individual and societal progress can be achieved by all classes of people regardless of birth, creed, ethnicity, social status or so called “privileged education”


One Response to “The June 4 Purifying Fire Will”

  1. I applaud your flowering language to describe one of the brutish regimes of our time. I wish your mother, father or family member was murdered during this period to justify any of the so called values, selflessness, responsibility, accountability, probity and all the “t’s” you can find. Under no circumstance should the blood of any man be shared because someone believe their values are not in line with theirs and for that matter the general public. When did we allow one persons ideology become the ideology of the whole. If people are oppressed and afraid to express themselves, they join the trend. June 4 was WRONG and it emboddies all the EVILS of the (P)NDC era. We thought we had gotten rid of that past history, until my people in their infinite wisdom thought it prudent to give them a chance; which I whole heartedly agree. Look at what they have brought back….indiscipline, harassment, intimidation, unwarranted searches and seizures, intimidation and total disregard of the rule of law by their supporters. Don’t insult our intelligence with a flowering piece. We can see through it. Good try!

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