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BNI stops “Asabee” from Travelling

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 21, 2009

Ex-Information Minister, Stephen Asamoah Boateng was Sunday evening prevented from boarding a British Airways flight to the United States of America by National Security operatives.  He was going through final departure formalities when he was told he has a date on Monday with the Bureau of National Investigations, (BNI), which requires him to help with ongoing investigations into affairs of the Kufuor administration in which he served so he could not travel.  He was travelling to the US with his family – his wife and two children aged two and four years – where JoyFM sources say he planned a two-week vacation. The former Mfantsiman West Member of Parliament thus had to return home with the family.

6 Responses to “BNI stops “Asabee” from Travelling”

  1. Dede Djaba said

    We are back to the primitive dark days of the AFRC and PNDC when intimidation, false arrest, false imprisonment and confiscation of assets ruled OK. Asabee should get a lawyer and challenge the BNI.

  2. Outright nonsense. If the man has not been served, he is supposed to know he has a date with BNI? What type of country are we back to? This is disgraceful. How do you expect any honourable Ghanaian citizen would like to serve his/her country if not to steal? Outright NONSENSE!

  3. Opoku said

    Oh Ghana my motherland!!Politics in Africa is like give and take.

  4. l personally see this drama as vindictiveness.The man has not been invited so why?NDC!! Does it mean that if by chance NPP comes back to power they should do the same to NDC ministers? When are we moving forward as a nation with one destiny and with one goal(aim) We all conderm what NPP did so NDC and JJ let move the nation Ghana forward. l rest my case.
    Thank you

  5. Koosas said

    It looks like dictatorship. BA officials need to answer why they had not informed the family well in advance. If you are going to be watchdogs for the society then you need to be fair to everyone.

  6. Kofi Baako said

    Back to June 4th

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