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Energy Minister Runs Away

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 21, 2009

THE MINISTER for Energy, Dr. Oteng Adjei, yesterday showed a clean pair of heels and fled from Parliament to avoid further prodding by members of the Minority on the controversial issue of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) debt.

After being subjected to diligent scrutiny by the MPs on the matter, the minister was virtually caught in a political quagmire, struggling to simultaneously preserve his integrity on the TOR debt, compelling members from the ruling party to plead on his behalf to the Speaker, yelling “It is okay; it is okay”.  With incessant pressure from the Majority side, the Speaker, Justice Joyce Bamford-Addo, tried to save the embarrassing situation by saying, “I think the Minister has done enough and there are other questions to be answered”.

3 Responses to “Energy Minister Runs Away”

  1. Ebo said

    This man served as a director in the ministry before. If he cannot answer simple questions on TOR, how can he be a minister? Egya Atta’s useless cabinet!

  2. Joe London said

    This is another mockery of the NDC government. I dont think they have any clue of the Ghananian economy, let alone implement policies that will aliviate the country from the so called economic mess,which acording to them was inherited from the NPP government. Since they came to power for almost six months now, they have not lay down any single policy, but rather going round chasing unesasary things. What Ghanaians want is policies that will aliviate an ordinary Ghaniains from their herthto problems. We voted the government for change and that is what we all want. If the previouas government incure debts or mismanagement the economy, you are now in power, and it is the duty of every government to amend and steer a country’s economy to prosperity, regardless of the state of the country’s economy he/she inherited.

  3. I tell you this government is doing a guess work and i particularly does not know how that is going to help ghana’s situation at the moment. They are bent in re-instituing their kangaroo court and have started by striping off well meaning ghanaian of their constitutional right of attorney. I am told freedom of speech highly promoted by kuffour and his npp is being hanged and further awaiting the executioner’s axe. God help ghana.

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