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Kinnyi, the Gonjaland Unsung Hero

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 21, 2009


This might be late coming, but still needs to come out. I have been on the move to Oakland, California and it has taken me some time to get through my computer crashes and getting online. Any way, I am now in Oakland, CA, permanently. However, this is not about me; it’s about our nephew, son, brother and fellow Gonjalander, Kinnyi Oaud, son of Salamatu Adama. Sala is/was our first Secretary and one of the Founding members of GANA.

Kinnyi, the lone voice representing Gonjaland and Ghana “at large” (note that Kinnyi was not a member of the Ghana Team) was not only sensationally entertaining, but stole the show and captured the admiration of all attending, the audience, and all America.

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