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NPP, NDC is the Value the same?

Posted by Business in Ghana on June 21, 2009

…are these politicians taking us for a ride?

I have noted with great dismay the subtle typology that exists between our politicians from the major political divides. They preach one message to come into power and do a completely different thing all together. The mistakes they criticise their opponents for are the same mistakes they commit and even worse.  Take a quick look at the June 4 philosophy. The reason was apparently was to rid the nation of corrupt leaders and institutional heads. A lot of people were killed in the process including some innocent hard working Ghanaian business men and women. People had their hard earned reputation and asset damaged and frozen. It was a crime to own some amount of money in your bank account, heads had to roll because the regime had the 50 cedi note in circulation but what happened from then? During the Rawlings era we saw corruption at a level which was unprecedented. 10,000 cedi note was issued. Some of the guys who jumped on the bandwagon of ‘let the blood flow’ whilst they were still students now became government functionaries straight after university. They had nothing before joining the government of the day, but left office as millionaires and billionaires if not more. Take Totobi Quakyi for instance. Where is the probity and accountability that was the underlining reason for June 4? To be honest with you sometimes you can’t help but to sympathise with those whose families were torched and harassed for owning businesses.

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4 Responses to “NPP, NDC is the Value the same?”

  1. I believe we need a system in Ghana, that empowers the auditory and security agencies of the land and allows them to work independently. That will ensure transparency and accountability and thereby elimintae or at least minimize the level of corruption in the system. The people also need a change of attitude and to challenge/question their leaders where necessary – that takes some educationhold. That said, we should not condone any “political witch-hunting”, which has been the case. All people must be held to the same standards regardless of their party affiliation.

  2. Kwame Oh said

    This question is a global one, and perhaps we should toy with the idea of “professional politicians” to put simply, pay them enough, and create an environment, where their job is defined, as serving their Nation , constituents, and party in that order?

    That way we get the parties looking for the brightest of a new breed of politicians, and we get away from this incestuous, personal relationships we have at the moment between the old networks.

    Just a thought

  3. kwame tiboah said

    Are Africans in short of visionary leaders or simply the leaders are incompetent enough to lead and manage nations resources effectively to better the son and daughters of Africa. In order not to waste much of your time reading these boring suggestions, I will quickly run through on positive ideas, which is reflected on years of disappointment by Africa leaders. It is time the Africans change the way leaders are elected into power. Let face it, what do Africans need to achieve quality life. As Africans leaders continue to play a rough game against the security of their own, i suggest the Africans of today must rally together to unseat the so call politicians by subscribe the leadership to a public tender. After all,the only thing Africans need is to achieve better education for their children, access to hospitals, jobs and better working conditions. As our leaders continously letting down the poeple for their own gains, it is time we look else where to recruit acumen leaders to do the right things for the people to achieve better dreams.

  4. Nana Afia said

    Guess this is not the case,lets hope for the better for the years ahead

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