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Tithing and Rising Unemployment Costs

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 3, 2009

Unemployment is rising in Europe and Africa yet churches still demand 10 % of one’s salary -Is this necessary

Who is benefiting? Why do we need to pay 10 % of our salary to a church, which have no social responsibility to the local communities?  Churches run on charitable status and so therefore do not pay any tax yet demand and accumulate 10% of its member’s salaries tax-free.  The question is why do the churches demand the 10% if they give nothing away to the Government or the local community?  Should the paying of tithe be optional or compulsory this is debatable?

Mercy Adede Bolus


3 Responses to “Tithing and Rising Unemployment Costs”

  1. Kwame Van said

    I believe churches should be involved in the community. But i also believe that the church is not a govermental institution and hence goverment should not regulate the church as to how thier money is spent. Churches are on a divine mission on earth, therefore the quetion of building more churches and people paying tithes is something i will personally encourage you to stay away from. Churches should not be blamed for the economy. Poor management of our nation’s wealth and greed are some of the factors. Why are we focusing on tithes in the church? Has God apponited you over his mission and ministers on earth? you are crossing your human line into a divine arena, be careful !

  2. REGINA said

    Paying of Tithes is a demand from God for the the propagation of His word. I agree with the first writer that you stay away from church moneys and educate the masses to stay away from corruption.If everybody is honest,charitable sincere and loyal in whatever little job they do every body will be happy, poverty will be removed

  3. steward said

    Good questions mercy.

    Read the Old Testament. God collected the tithe for the Levites. Why? Because under the law, the Levites had no inheritance among the people. Since the saints are no longer under the law, then ministers are no longer under this restriction. Which means that tithing is no longer enforced. The ministers live by the gospel, not under the law.

    – jared

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