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World Bank Approves $535 million Package for Ghana

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 3, 2009

Washington DC–June 30, 2009. The Board of Directors of the World Bank today approved a total of US$535 million to support three credit facilities aimed at helping improve economic governance and stabilizing Ghana’s economy. They are:

Economic Governance and Poverty Reduction Credit (EGPRC) US$300 million

Transport Sector Project US$225 million

Natural Resources and Environmental Governance (NREG) US$ 10 million

These first set of credits are part of US$1.2 billion the Bank plans to support the government of Ghana with over the next three years.


4 Responses to “World Bank Approves $535 million Package for Ghana”

  1. Thank God for the Cash, and I pray that the money will be put to proper use. God bless Ghana and long live Ghana, amen.

  2. Paulsy said

    Who profits from large infrustructure projects and building massive highways? Where is the policy or expenditure on public transport, or public and freight railways? If the basis of the policy is about setting the environment and transport, where is the investment in solar technologies in a country blessed with sunshine?

    Energy efficiencies such as solar panel, water tanks to capture rainwater on community buildings, is cheaper, immediate, environmental relief for those in suffering from electricity failures, lack of water and basic water heating. Simple solutions for now.

    Meanwhile, I have never found one strip of tar, which feeds a hungry stomach. More roads lead to more cars, more traffic, more pollution, more chronic respiratory conditions, more tar, and less chickens crossing the road.
    Let’s start looking for 21st century solutions and tie this environmental planning to a proper urban public railway.

  3. Naserwah said

    Let’s hope those in charge of implementing the projects don’t spend it all on SUVs, not forgetting expensive gas in Ghana, and girlfriends.

  4. very informative and educational

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