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Muntaka: The Full Report

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 4, 2009

I thought initially that this document had been widely publicised on the web. That’s why I didn’t put it out earlier. But it seems many visitors to this site have not seen or read it. So here is it in full. After reading help clear the “cobwebs” (ahem!) in my head by answering this question: how does this report exonerate Muntaka Mubarak Mohammed? Investigations by National Security into the allegations against Hon. Muntaka Mubarak, Minister of Youth and Sports, have been completed and a report submitted to the President.

The following could not be established:

The Minister collected US$2,000.00 imprest for the finals of the 1st CHAN tournament in Abidjan.

The Minister collected US$10,000.00 for landing rights for the aircraft which took the government delegation to the CHAN finals in Abidjan. 

The Minister personally arranged for accommodation and feeding of the Black Star players in Kenya and Sudan.

The Minister was paid GHC15,200.00 as refund for meat and food items 

The Minister’s wife was allocated VW Passat No. GT 1351 Z. 

The Minister demanded immediate payment of or was paid GHC1,000. per match for the services of a Mallam.

The Minister requested or collected GHC12,000 for gifts for the Minister’s constituency on his last trip to Kumasi.

The Minister allocated to himself or was allocated five (5) official vehicles.

Ato Kwamena Dadzie


2 Responses to “Muntaka: The Full Report”

  1. Regina said

    The President’s decision is to be respected.Mubarack should have been more circumspect and allowed the staff todo their work for a while.He should have been patient enough to study the staff and situations, to gain experiece through consultation and observation before involing himself in technical matters of this nature.

  2. Maame akua said

    i simply do no agree with the president’s decision. So has muntaka’s wife gone “free” with the vw passat? what about the 5 vehicles he allocated to himself? these are the reasons why Ghana will forever remain how we are. 5 official vehicles for what? and the minister was consulting mallams in this 20th century? God have mercy on Ghana!!!!! With the kind of politicians we have now, i fear for Ghana.

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