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Abrokyire’ Palaver: Where are the journalists in Ghana?

Posted by Business in Ghana on July 5, 2009

I have been observing with keen interest developments on the journalism front since the elections in December, and it appears that Ghanaian journalists—at least many of them—have gone on a long holiday.

Ever since the new government came into power every news item that makes the headlines is about politics. First, it was about cars. Then just as that issue appeared to die down, the issue about lands sold out to previous government office holders reared its ugly head; as if the issue of cars issue is some terminal cancer, it dies off and, by some divine journalistic intervention, it resurrects.

Enters BNI and Kwadwo Mpiani; the reading public has virtually been held hostage. They wake up to and go to bed with news of Mpiani’s interrogation. You tune in to any radio station on the internet hoping to hear something uplifting and all you hear is Mpiani, Kufuor, Frank Agyekum, etc.

Dot Asare-Kumah


One Response to “Abrokyire’ Palaver: Where are the journalists in Ghana?”

  1. Paulsy said

    journalism is going through great changes with “media convergency” around the world. People want to participate in stories, and continue to discuss issues well beyond the life of the news report. Also, traditional forms of news sources are in decline as the internet news increases. Why? Because we can continue to critique issues we consider important to us one websites of like-minded people. Others are reporting events as they see them directly on-line: “citizen journalism” is on the rise. And what is that? People like you and I continuing to chat about issues to find meaning in them for ourselves, long after the broadcast is over.

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